Friday, October 15, 2010

Please Take A Moment To Vote In the Current RRHOF Poll... Thank You


Dave Miller said...

i didn't vote because most of these acts cannot be considered true rockers...

classics, ans very good, but only a few were/are real rock and roll people

Braxton said...

I will have to go with Donna Summer and LL Cool J. And, upon a second review, Neil Diamond. The rest of them are wobblers at best.

Great blog!


Dave Miller said...

Braxton, aren't your submissions arguing for a Pop Music HOF?

What did Donna Summer and LL Cool J have to do with Rock and Roll?

Braxton said...

Hi, Dave,

You are correct in that they have nothing to do with Rock and Roll. However, the Rock and Roll HOF is littered with acts that contributed to "music" and not necessarily to Rock and Roll.

Check this out:

So, using the premise that really the HOF is about contributions to music and not necessarily Rock and Roll, then I vote Donna Summer and LL Cool J in.

Make sense?


Stagg said...

You crazy kids need to brush up on yer Tom Waits!!!!!!!
This wasn't an easy vote for my decision make'n process. Sooo many are sooo good! Years ago I saw a picture in Rolling Stone of L.L. with Neil Diamond ?????


Malcolm said...

Dave: Thanks for commenting. I view the term "rock and roll" as an umbrella description for a variety of genres in pop music. Having said that, this year's nominees list is pretty weak.

Braxton: Thanks for the kind words and for stopping by. Although many don't consider them "rock and roll", I think in terms of quality and influence, both Donna and LL are more worthy of induction than Bon Jovi.

Stagg: Although I am not a big fan, I am surprised that Tom Waits hasn't been inducted already. I say that because he is so highly regarded within the music industry.

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