Friday, February 29, 2008

Mike Smith of The Dave Clark Five Dies At 64

Mike Smith of The Dave Clark Five died on Thursday of pneumonia at the age of 64. Smith had been in declining health after suffering a spinal cord injury that left him paralyzed below the ribcage with limited use of his upper body. The injury occurred when he fell from a fence at his home in Spain in September 2003.

As the Dave Clark Five's rough-edged lead vocalist and keyboardist, Smith helped make the group's sound distinctive from their main competitors The Beatles and the Rolling Stones. During their career, the group hit the U.S. singles chart over 20 times from 1964-1967. Their biggest hits included "Glad All Over, "Bits and Pieces", "Can't You See That She's Mine", "Because", and "Over and Over" (their only U.S. #1 single).

Smith's death comes less than two weeks before the Dave Clark Five are scheduled to be inducted into The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. According to his agent, Smith was trying to attend the ceremony.

Below is a 1969 clip of The Dave Clark Five performing "Mulberry Tree" on the German series Beat-Club.

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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #34: Performers You May Not Remember From SNL

Thirteen Performers You May Not Remember From SNL

Since it's debut in 1975, NBC's Saturday Night Live has seen scores of performers grace the stage of Studio 8H in the Rockefeller Plaza. Below are thirteen that you may have forgotten or did not know were once regulars on the show. Following their name is the time they were with the show.

1. Jim Belushi (1983-1985)

2. Billy Crystal (1984-1985)

3. Joan Cusack (1985-1986)

4. Robert Downey Jr. (1985-1986)

5. Janeane Garofalo (1994-1995)

6. Gilbert Gottfried (1980-1981)

7. Christopher Guest (1984-1985)

8. Anthony Michael Hall (1985-1986)

9. Julia Louis-Dreyfus (1982-1985)

10. Randy Quaid (1985-1986)

11. Martin Short (1984-1985)

12. Sarah Silverman (1993-1994)

13. Damon Wayans (1985-1986)

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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Michael Bolton and the Office Space Connection

Cube farm resident Michael Bolton

No Talent Ass Clown Michael Bolton

Wednesday is singer Michael Bolton's 55th birthday. This made me think of Office Space, the 1999 cult comedy starring Ron Livingston, Gary Cole, and Jennifer Aniston. For those who have seen the film, you may remember that one of the characters had the misfortune of having the same name as the Grammy-winning singer.

If anyone is saying, "I hope that Malcolm uses this post to sing the praises of one of my favorite vocalists", you have a better chance of seeing Duane "Dog" Chapman host the BET Awards. As a matter of fact, this is how Lawrence (the neighbor of the lead character in "Office Space") would respond to anyone expecting me to wax poetically about Mr. Bolton:

No. No, man. Shit, no, man. I believe you'd get your ass kicked sayin' something like that, man.

Although the above line is in reference to what should happen to a co-worker who says to you "Sounds like someone has a case of the Mondays'', it's a quote that serves many purposes.

Below is a montage of scenes from "Office Space". The scene where the character Michael Bolton shows his feelings about having the same name as the singer is at about the 5 minute and 40 second mark. Now about those TPS reports...

Monday, February 25, 2008

The Oscars: A Recap

Sunday night's 80th annual Academy Awards ceremony was a so-so affair. Not surprisingly, it looks to be the lowest rated Oscar telecast ever. I believe that the writers' strike had something to do with it. During the strike, there was some doubt as to whether there would be an Oscar telecast. As a result, the buzz factor for this year's Oscars was decidedly low. The fact that there wasn't a epic box-office blockbuster up for major awards (think "Titanic") is perhaps another reason why people decided not to watch this year. While watching the telecast, there were some things (both good and bad) that stuck out to me:

* Host Jon Stewart did a solid job of emceeing. Mixing entertainment and political humor, Stewart's jokes were mostly on target. One of his best zingers took aim at former President Bill Clinton.

Stewart (In reference to Julie Christie's best actress nomination for "Away From Her") :

A moving story of a woman who forgets her own husband. Hillary Clinton called it the feel-good movie of the year.

* The orchestra was quick on the musical trigger, giving the bum's rush to several winners before they had a chance to start or sometimes finish their acceptance speech. One cool moment was when Jon Stewart brought Best Original Song co-winner Marketa Irglova back onstage so that she could give her speech.

* Cameron Diaz has a sense of humor about herself. When presenting the Oscar for Best Cinematography, Diaz stumbled over the word "cinematography". In mock defiance, she then put her hand on her hip and said "I can do this!"

* As I predicted, Heath Ledger was shown last in the montage of Hollywood figures who died in the past year. However, Brad Renfro (who died a week before Ledger) was noticeably missing from the tribute. When asked about the Renfro snub, a spokeswoman for the Academy gave the bullshit reply "Unfortunately we cannot include everyone". True enough, but would including 5-10 seconds of Renfro had been so bad? I have a feeling that had the troubled Renfro died in a less sordid manner instead of from an accidental heroin/morphine overdose, he would have been included in the montage.

* In two other oversights, four-time Oscar host Whoopi Goldberg and two-time emcee Steve Martin were omitted from a montage featuring those who presided over the ceremony in the past.

* In his acceptance speech, Best Supporting Actor Oscar winner Javier Bardem honored his mother, who attended the ceremony with him, with a tribute in Spanish that moved her to tears. Although my mastery of Espanol is limited, that was still a cool moment.

Did you catch the Oscar telecast? If so, what did you think?

Final Results For Huxtable Kid Poll

Blowing her older siblings out of the water, Rudy was voted as your favorite Huxtable kid in the recent poll. It looks as if there were two factors that put Rudy over the top. Either voters were around Rudy's age when they watched the show and thus identified with her the most or they were swayed by the "cute kid" factor.

For awhile, older sister Denise was neck and neck with Rudy. She even held the lead for a brief time early on in the voting. However, she stumbled late in the poll and ended up finishing at #2. At least one voter commented on the hotness of Lisa Bonet as his reason for selecting Denise as his favorite. It's hard to argue with that logic. I would say that Denise Huxtable was the 1980s equivalent of another sitcom daughter who was the crush of many boys growing up in the 1970s... Marcia Brady.

For the first few days of the poll, the Huxtable kid who wasn't an original character (Sondra) was voteless... I hate when that happens. Although she still ended up in last place, she did at least get 2 votes. Perhaps the most interesting thing about Sondra is the fact that another young actress was considered for the role... Whitney Houston.

Here are the final poll results:

Denise- 21%
Theo- 18%
Vanessa- 16%
Sondra- 5%

Below is a montage of clips featuring Rudy:

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Spin City Playlist For 2/23/08

4 pm hour

Rio- Duran Duran
Workin' Together- Maze feat. Frankie Beverly
Cherish What Is Dear To You (While It's Near To You)- Freda Payne
Be Near Me- ABC
Change- Tears For Fears
Let Me Be the One- Five Star
Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now- McFadden & Whitehead

Common Thread segment: Two-hit wonders of the 1980s
The Sun Always Shines On T.V.- A-ha
Pop Goes the World- Men Without Hats
Kisses On the Wind- Neneh Cherry

Beast of Burden- The Rolling Stones
We Got To Have Peace- Curtis Mayfield
Kitty- Racey (orig. version of the Toni Basil hit "Mickey")

5 pm hour

Axel F- Harold Faltermeyer
Cha Cha Cha- MC Lyte
In the Bush- Musique
Instant Karma- John Lennon
That Ain't Love- REO Speedwagon
Dynamite- Jermaine Jackson
Hey Nineteen- Steely Dan

With or Without You segment's feat. artist: Belinda Carlisle
Turn To You (with The Go-Gos)
Heaven Is A Place On Earth (solo)

I'm Coming Home- The Spinners
Westbound #9- Flaming Ember
Overkill- Men At Work
Kids In America- Kim Wilde
Oh Honey- Delegation

6 pm hour

Groove Me- King Floyd
Hey Big Brother- Rare Earth
More Than Physical- Bananarama
Give It To Me Baby- Rick James
What Can I Say- Boz Scaggs
It's No Crime- Babyface
Wild & Crazy Love- Mary Jane Girls

#1 segment
One Bad Apple- The Osmonds (was #1 on the Billboard Pop Singles chart this week in 1971)

Money, Money, Money- ABBA
Mary's Prayer- Danny Wilson
Funkytown- Lipps Inc.
No Tell Lover- Chicago
Let's Go Dancin' (Ooh, La, La, La)
No Sleep 'Til Brooklyn- The Beastie Boys

Did any of your favorites make this week's playlist?

Spin City videos:

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #33: Great Performances That Did Not Receive Oscar Nominations

Thirteen Great Performances That Did Not Receive Oscar Nominations

If you are like me, you often shake your head when the Oscar nominees are announced. For various reasons (racism, politics, ignorance, etc.), many great performances fall through the cracks in the minds of the Academy voters. Below are 13 performances that I feel were overlooked when the Oscar nominations were announced in their respective years of eligibility. Please note that I am not saying that the following performances should have won Oscars. However, at the very least they were worthy of inclusion with the other nominees.

1. Jim Carrey for "Liar Liar" (1997)

The Academy has a long history of overlooking worthy comedic performances. Carrey's portrayal of a lawyer forced to tell the truth is physical comedy at its best... he worked his ass off in that movie!

2. Bobby Darin for "Pressure Point" (1962)

For those who only know Darin as a singer, his performance as a disturbed prison inmate with Nazi beliefs will be a revelation. He even goes toe-to-toe acting-wise with the formidable Sidney Poitier (who plays the psychiatrist assigned to his case). Once you watch this WW II era drama, you will never think of the game Tic-Tac-Toe the same way.

3. Ossie Davis for "Do the Right Thing" (1989)

As Da Mayor in Spike Lee's incendiary drama on race relations, Davis (above left, with Lee) gives a performance that is both funny and touching. One of my favorite scenes in the film is when he tells some of the neighborhood youth about the pain and struggle he faced in trying to raise a family.

4. Andy Griffith for "A Face In the Crowd" (1957)

If you go into this film only knowing Griffith as either good old Sheriff Andy Taylor or lawyer Ben Matlock (aka The Man With A Thousand White Suits), you better brace yourself. In his film debut as a drifter who becomes a tyrannical TV star, Griffith gives a powerhouse performance in which he shows us the dark side of fame and power.

5. Samuel L. Jackson for "Jungle Fever" (1991)

In his breakthrough role as the crack addicted Gator, Jackson (above left with Ruby Dee) was amazing. Even though the Oscars failed to give him his due, the Cannes Film Festival was very impressed. They even awarded a special "Supporting Actor" prize just for him.

6. Jack Lemmon for "Glengarry Glen Ross" (1992)

In this David Mamet film about real estate salesmen, Lemmon gave the performance of his career. As Shelley "The Machine" Levene, a former hotshot salesman who has fallen on hard times, Lemmon displayed that nervous, edgy desperation that was his forte.

7. Ida Lupino for "The Hard Way" (1942)

As a woman who will stop at nothing to ensure her younger sister's rise in show business, Lupino proves that she could play cold and ruthless characters just as well as her contemporaries Bette Davis and Joan Crawford.

8. Judd Nelson for "The Breakfast Club" (1985)

In a movie filled with solid performances, Nelson's portrayal of rebellious stoner John Bender is the standout in my opinion. Although he had many funny and memorable quotes, Nelson showed that he was more than capable of playing the scared and vulnerable side of his character too.

9. Keke Palmer for "Akeelah and the Bee" (2006)

Palmer's portrayal of a South Central girl who overcomes many challenges to compete in the Scripps National Spelling Bee is both heartwarming and inspiring. The fact that this then 12 year old actress held her own with co-stars Laurence Fishburne and Angela Bassett shows you that she has a lot of promise. The mainstream media falls all over themselves praising other up-and-coming actresses such as Dakota Fanning and Abigail Breslin. Palmer deserves to be mentioned right along with them.

10. Sidney Poitier for "Raisin In the Sun" (1961)

When he was practically the only Black actor seen in major roles on the big screen, Poitier (above right with Ruby Dee) was usually cast in noble good guy roles. In this adaptation of the Lorraine Hansberry play, Poitier gets to let loose as a husband and father slowly cracking under the strain of being black and poor in America. P. Diddy has some big shoes to fill.

11. Edward G. Robinson for "Key Largo" (1948)

The fact that the legendary Robinson NEVER received an Oscar nomination for any of his big screen performances is bullshit. As a result, I had plenty of roles from which to choose when compiling this TT. I decided to go with his performance as the notorious fugitive gangster Johnny Rocco; one of the all-time great screen villains.

12. Ray Sharkey for "The Idolmaker" (1980)

In this cult film about the early days of rock and roll, Sharkey (above left with Peter Gallagher) played a Svengali-like songwriter/manager whose control freakishness threatens to destroy him and everyone he cares about. His performance is dynamic from start to finish.

13. Alfre Woodard for "Down In the Delta" (1998)

In a change of pace role as a drug addicted single mother who turns her life around after being sent by her mother to live with relatives in Mississippi, Woodard (above right with Wesley Snipes) is believable both before and after her character's transformation.

What are some of your favorite performances that were ignored by Oscar? Although I chose to stick with those that weren't nominated, feel free to pick Oscar nominees that didn't win.

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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Duane "Dog" Chapman Returning To the Airwaves

On Tuesday, A&E announced that Duane "Dog" Chapman's reality TV series will be returning to the airwaves after a three month layoff (no airdate has been scheduled). The cable channel yanked his show (Dog the Bounty Hunter) in November after a private phone call between him and his son Tucker hit the Internet. During the profanity-laced call, Chapman used the N-word repeatedly to describe his son's black girlfriend and to acknowledge that the term is used regularly in Chapman's household. It was later reported that Tucker sold the tape of the conversation to the National Enquirer for $15,000. If you would like to read my post about this incident (which includes the recorded phone call), click here.

Here is a statement from the network regarding their decision to relaunch the series:

"Over the last few months, Duane "Dog" Chapman has taken and continues to take the appropriate steps in reaching out to several African American organizations in an effort to make amends for his private comments to his son which were released publicly," said a statement from the network.

"Since the premise of "Dog The Bounty Hunter" is about second chances - we have decided to give him one."

I didn't watch the show before the controversy and don't have any plans to change my viewing habits. What about you, are you willing to give "Dog" a second chance?

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Final Results of the Denzel Washington Poll

In a tight race, Denzel Washington's Oscar-winning performance as Private Trip in the 1989 film "Glory" was voted as the favorite of his 5 Academy Award nominated/winning roles. I am always surprised by the poll results and one thing I didn't expect was the strong showing of Denzel's first Oscar nominated role as Steven Biko in the movie "Cry Freedom".

Had I voted, I would have selected Denzel's performance as Malcolm X. In his brief life, Malcolm went through many changes. As a result, Denzel was required to give a multi-dimensional performance. To say that he pulled it off is an understatement. As I've said before, I think that Denzel was robbed when he didn't win the Academy Award for his role of Malcolm X. In a case of the academy playing "make up" for not honoring him in the past, they gave it to Al Pacino for "Scent of A Woman" that year. Given that Malcolm X was such a controversial figure, I still find it hard to believe that the academy would honor Denzel for his performance even if Pacino wasn't in the running that year.

Receiving the least amount of votes was Denzel's role as corrupt L.A. cop Alonzo Harris in the 2001 drama "Training Day". My theory is that the role's poor showing in the poll was more a reflection of viewer's distaste with Denzel's character, not the performance itself. I always enjoy when a performer plays against type, so I was pleased to see Denzel go to the dark side.

Here are the final poll results:

Private Trip (Glory)- 27%
Steven Biko (Cry Freedom) and Malcolm X- 22% each
Rubin "Hurricane" Carter (The Hurricane)- 16%
Alonzo Harris (Training Day)- 11%

Below is a clip of the famous whipping scene from "Glory":

Spin City Playlist For 2/16/08

4 pm hour

Crocodile Rock- Elton John
So Fine- Howard Johnson
Back and Forth- Cameo
Emotion- Samantha Sang
Hey Lawdy Mama- Steppenwolf
Harvest For the World- The Isley Bros.
She's A Bad Mama Jama- Carl Carlton

Double Retro segment's feat. artist: Aretha Franklin
Save Me (1967)
Jump To It (1982)

Kiss You All Over- Exile
Holding On (When Love Is Gone)- L.T.D.
One In A Million- The Romantics
Invincible- Pat Benatar
Black Patch- The Fifth Dimension

5 pm hour

Another One Bites the Dust- Queen
I Can't Live Without My Radio- LL Cool J
This Time- John Cougar
Respect Yourself- The Staple Singers
Who'd She Coo- The Ohio Players
Mexican Radio- Wall of Voodoo
I Melt With You- Modern English

On the Flip Side segment:
I Can't Help It- Michael Jackson (B-side to "Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough")

Once You Get Started- Rufus feat. Chaka Khan
Rag Doll- Aerosmith
Sunshine- The Partridge Family
So Very Hard To Go- Tower of Power
Ooh Baby- The West Street Mob

6 pm hour

You Spin Me 'Round (Like A Record)- Dead or Alive
Looking For Clues- Robert Palmer
Think- Lyn Collins
Love Train- The Ojays
I'm Free (Heaven Helps the Man)- Kenny Loggins
Last Night A DJ Saved My Life- Indeep
I Will Follow- U2
Life's Been Good- Joe Walsh

#1 segment
Shoo-Bee-Do- Madonna (from the album that was #1 on the Billboard chart this week in 1985, "Like A Virgin")

Flying High- The Commodores
The Boys Are Back In Town- Thin Lizzy
Get Down- Gilbert O'Sullivan
What Am I Gonna Do- Rod Stewart
If It Isn't Love- New Edition

Did any of your faves make this week's playlist?

Spin City videos:

Friday, February 15, 2008

Please Take A Moment To Vote In the Current Denzel Washington Poll... Thank you.

Also, I had a posting flurry late Thursday/early Friday so be sure to scroll down and see what you might have missed.

Mary J. Blige To Appear On One Life To Live

Multiple Grammy winner Mary J. Blige will appear on ABC's "One Life To Live" on Friday February 15th and Monday the 18th. As a musical guest at the Sweet 16 birthday party of Starr Manning, Blige will perform "Just Fine" and "Hurt Again" (both of which are included on her latest album "Growing Pains"). A longtime fan of the show, Blige last appeared on OLTL in 2006.

Jane Fonda Says C U Next Tuesday On Live TV

On February 14th 1998, the first V-Day benefit was held. The proceeds of these events go toward programs that work to end violence against females. The cornerstone of the V-Day benefit is the performance of Eve Ensler's Obie Award-winning play The Vagina Monologues. On Thursday morning, 2-time Oscar winner Jane Fonda (along with Ms. Ensler) was on "The Today Show" to discuss her performance in the 10th anniversary benefit performance of the play. During the interview, Ms. Fonda mistakenly uttered the dreaded C-word. Somewhere, George Carlin is smiling.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Aretha vs. Beyonce' or Better Yet, Aretha vs. Tina

In the latest battle of divas, Aretha took offense to Beyonce's introduction of Tina Turner during the Grammys last Sunday. As part of her opening number, Beyonce' name checked several ladies of song, including Sarah Vaughan, Chaka Khan, Donna Summer, Janet Jackson, Ella Fitzgerald, and Mahalia Jackson. Aretha was also one of the songstresses mentioned during this opening. When introducing Tina, Beyonce' said, "But there is one legend who has the essence of all of these things. The glamour, the soul, the passion, the strength, the talent. Ladies and gentlemen... stand on your feet and give it up for the Queen!"

After hearing Beyonce's intro, I wondered if there would be any backlash; although Tina Turner is sometimes referred to as "The Queen of Rock and Roll", this moniker isn't nearly as well known as Aretha Franklin's title "The Queen of Soul" (which is on occasion shortened to simply "The Queen"). Having said that, it's not like Beyonce' referred to Tina as "The Queen of Soul", so Aretha shouldn't be too upset. At any rate, Ms. Franklin wasn't having it because in an unprompted statement issued by her publicist, she said the following:

"I am not sure of whose toes I may have stepped on or whose ego I may have bruised between the Grammy writers and Beyoncé. However, I dismissed it as a cheap shot for controversy."

In this age of celebs playing it safe and not saying what's really on their mind, I think Aretha's remarks were refreshing. She felt she wasn't getting her R-E-S-P-E-C-T and she wasn't going to let it slide. While typing this, I came up with the ideal resolution. Tina and Aretha should square off in a no-holds barred, winner take all match for the right to be simply called "The Queen". Even though Aretha has a height advantage (by one inch) over Tina, I am concerned about her stamina because she has put on some weight since she gave up the "cancer sticks" several years ago. If Aretha is to emerge triumphantly in this hypothetical showdown, she'll probably have to take out Tina early in the match. On the other hand, if Aretha does land a haymaker, can Tina recover? Tina showed Sunday night that her dance moves haven't diminished so if she can bob and weave (no wig pun intended), she should be alright.

Because both ladies have a history of suffering physical violence at the hands of men, the proceeds from the match can be given to a women's abuse shelter. Don King can promote the bout, former boxing ref Judge Mills Lane can officiate, and Beyonce' could carry the cards letting us know what round it is; come on ladies, let's get ready to rumble!

Who would you put your money on in this proposed showdown?

Thursday Thirteen #32: Unlovable Quotes by TV Couples

Thirteen Unlovable Quotes by TV Couples

Since Thursday is Valentine's Day, we have been inundated with hearts and flowers, etc. As a result, I thought it would be fun to show the flip side by sharing some zingers between 13 TV couples.

1. Al and Peg Bundy (Married... With Children)

: Did you miss me?
Al: With every bullet, so far.

2. Archie and Edith Bunker (All In the Family)

: Do you know how old I am today?
Archie: Yeah, you're 50. I got a very romantic way of remembering that: you are as old as Lindbergh's airplane.

3. Bill and Judy Miller (Still Standing)

: Don't you think there's a little double-standard there?
Bill: Not at all. I have one standard for Brian and another different standard for Lauren. That way, they each get their own.
Judy: I was gonna say that's the stupidest thing I've ever heard, but I wanna wait to hear what you have to say next.

4. Chris Turk and Carla Espinosa (Scrubs)

[Turk is trying to help J.D. brake up with Danni]
Chris Turk: Dude, with Danni you just gotta keep your eyes on the prize. Focus in on how great it is to be single! Chasing tail! Hell, I miss it every day.
Carla: Oh, you don't care if you ever have sex again, do you?

5. J.R. and Sue Ellen Ewing (Dallas)

JR Ewing
: [to Sue Ellen] Don't flatter yourself, honey. You're just another Ewing possession. Like an oil lease, you're easily disposable.

6. Jim and Cheryl (According To Jim) note: the couple's surname has never been given

: [on Jim's behavior] He's brilliant. He's pretending to be a moron to cover up being a jackass.

7. Lucy and Ricky Ricardo (I Love Lucy)

Ricky Ricardo
: This whole thing is my fault. Something I said that started this whole mess.
Lucy Ricardo: What's that?
Ricky Ricardo: "I do."

8. Maude and Walter Findlay (Maude)

Walter Findlay
: People communicate only when they are being themselves. One does not get through to someone by being something other than what one is.
Maude Findlay: That's a lovely speech, Walter, very lovely. Remind me when we have time, to record it on tape so I can accidentally erase it.

9. Michael Kelso and Jackie Burkhardt (That 70s Show)

Michael Kelso
: I miss Eric.
Jackie Burkhardt: Well, you still have me.
Michael Kelso: It's not the same, Jackie. I can talk to Eric about things that I can't talk about with you.
Jackie Burkhardt: Okay, well like what?
Michael Kelso: Well, for instance, the annoying things you do.
Jackie Burkhardt: Michael.
Michael Kelso: See, I can't talk to you.

10. Ralph and Alice Kramden (The Honeymooners)

: What do you know about fishing? When have you ever caught anything?
Alice: Fifteen years ago. I caught 300 pounds of blubber.

11. Ray and Debra Barone (Everybody Loves Raymond)

Debra Barone
(to Ray): You know what, I'm tired! Could you just call yourself an idiot?

12. Sam Malone and Diane Chambers (Cheers)

: Carla's trying to become the kind of waitress you would enjoy being waited on by.
Diane: "Being waited on by"? You just ended that sentence with two prepositions.
Sam: Haven't you got customers to be waiting on?
Diane: You ended that sentence with a preposition.
Sam: Haven't you got customers to be waiting on, MULLET-HEAD?

13. Stanley and Helen Roper (Three's Company)

[to Helen]
Stanley Roper: You know, it's a shame you don't live in India. You'd be sacred there.

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