Friday, February 1, 2008

Retro Commercial: Miller Lite

One of my favorite series of commercials is the "Miller Lite" ads made during the 70s, 80s, and 90s. Featuring a combination of actors and sports figures, these spots were some of the funniest on TV. Even if the sporting event you were watching turned out to be a dud, you could usually count on the "Miller Lite" gang to keep you entertained during commercial breaks.

In this commercial from 1985, mystery writer Mickey Spillane and a host of sports figures (including Bob Lanier, Ben Davidson, and Red Auerbach) try to solve "The Case of the Missing Case". At the end of the spot, the words "To Be Continued..." appear on the screen. I don't know if the "case" was ever resolved or not. Just to be safe, you Miller Lite drinkers better keep an eye on your stash.


X. Dell said...

That was fun to review just to see Ben Davidson in that tuxedo.

Malcolm said...

X. Dell: Yeah, old Ben didn't seem to be the tux-wearing type did he? As TV Land did by showing Retro Commercials, I think that ESPN Classic should bring back those Miller Lite ads.

Anonymous said...

I wrote that commercial!
And, yes, there was the conclusion.
We created the first :75 commercial that was roadblocked: it played on every station at the same time!
We dissolved from the last scene "Who did"....
to see Mickey Spillane and the Doll walking out of the mansion. Spillane has the missing case.
Spillane says: "They'll never figure out who took that case." The doll says "you did." Mickey: "Not exactly."
Mickey takes his mask off to reveal it's actually Rodney. ....but the doll takes her mask off and it's
Mickey Spillane. Mickey: "Gotcha!". Rodney: "Gee, I'm glad we didn 't go dancin.".

Those were some of the best times I ever had in advertising.

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