Monday, February 25, 2008

Final Results For Huxtable Kid Poll

Blowing her older siblings out of the water, Rudy was voted as your favorite Huxtable kid in the recent poll. It looks as if there were two factors that put Rudy over the top. Either voters were around Rudy's age when they watched the show and thus identified with her the most or they were swayed by the "cute kid" factor.

For awhile, older sister Denise was neck and neck with Rudy. She even held the lead for a brief time early on in the voting. However, she stumbled late in the poll and ended up finishing at #2. At least one voter commented on the hotness of Lisa Bonet as his reason for selecting Denise as his favorite. It's hard to argue with that logic. I would say that Denise Huxtable was the 1980s equivalent of another sitcom daughter who was the crush of many boys growing up in the 1970s... Marcia Brady.

For the first few days of the poll, the Huxtable kid who wasn't an original character (Sondra) was voteless... I hate when that happens. Although she still ended up in last place, she did at least get 2 votes. Perhaps the most interesting thing about Sondra is the fact that another young actress was considered for the role... Whitney Houston.

Here are the final poll results:

Denise- 21%
Theo- 18%
Vanessa- 16%
Sondra- 5%

Below is a montage of clips featuring Rudy:


The Rock Chick said...

If I had to put them in my favorite order, it would have to be Rudy, Theo, Vanessa, Denise and Sondra. Sondra, to me, had just no personality at all. I kind of feel the same way about Denise. At least the other three kids had a little spunk to them!

I think it was Cliff and Claire that made show what it was. I think the kids could have been portrayed by anyone, but not Cliff and Claire!!!

FRIGGA said...

Ya, if I had been older I would've had to have picked Theo for the hotness - but Yay, I'm glad Rudy won!! :-)

Happy Monday :D

Anonymous said...

I was closer in age to Theo really, but for sheer spunk it just had to go to Rudy. Also, while Lisa Bonet was/is hot, she always just irritated me more than anything as Denise. I was actually glad when she left "A Different World", the other characters were just more interesting.

Barbara said...

Whitney was considered for that role! Wow! I wonder how that would have changed her career...if at all.

Holly Smith said...

Here's a little trivia I just found while searching for one of the child actors: Carl Anthony Payne II, who played Walter "Cockroach" Bradley on the Cosby Show is now the stepfather to singer Bobby Brown's oldest son, Landon.

Malcolm said...

Jessica the Rock Chick: Although I wasn't a regular "Cosby Show" watcher, when I did tune in Sondra didn't show me much either. There was talk of spinning her and Elvin off into their own show. I think it would have been as successful as "The Ropers".

Frigga: Your comments about Theo's hotness made me laugh. Thanks for taking part in the poll.

Michael: I thought "A Different World" sucked the first season. I just didn't find it realistic at all. "A Different World" is one of the only instances where a show actually improved after the lead character leaves the series.

Barbara: I wonder too how or if Whitney's career would have been changed if she had won the role of Sondra. Would she had still pursued her singing career? Would she had stayed with the show once she became a successful singer? If she had stayed with the show, would the producers of "The Cosby Show" had tried to awkwardly work it into the plot by having Sondra be an excellent singer? Hmm...

Holly: I had forgotten about that (I read it on some time ago). I'll bet you that old Carl has some interesting tales to tell about Whitney and Bobbay! Bobbay!

X. Dell said...

Sure, everyone goes for the cute one. Vanessa gets overlooked again.

Sharon said...

Dang. Too bad I missed this. I need to stop by more frequently. lol
I loved her friend, BUD. And he always said it in such a low, deep voice "B-U-D!". Of this poll, though, I may have voted for Theo.

Malcolm said...

X. Dell: Although Denise made the race interesting, I wasn't surprised by Rudy's victory.

Sharon: I was hoping I could find on You Tube a clip of Rudy calling Kenny "Bud", but no luck.

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