Friday, February 15, 2008

Jane Fonda Says C U Next Tuesday On Live TV

On February 14th 1998, the first V-Day benefit was held. The proceeds of these events go toward programs that work to end violence against females. The cornerstone of the V-Day benefit is the performance of Eve Ensler's Obie Award-winning play The Vagina Monologues. On Thursday morning, 2-time Oscar winner Jane Fonda (along with Ms. Ensler) was on "The Today Show" to discuss her performance in the 10th anniversary benefit performance of the play. During the interview, Ms. Fonda mistakenly uttered the dreaded C-word. Somewhere, George Carlin is smiling.


The Rock Chick said...

Unbelievable. Other than my former co-worker, Goonan, I've never heard anyone else just "slip" and use that word. oooops!

and she didn't even apologize! they made Meredith do it.

gurl with glasses said...

Now i HAVE to go back and watch a Fonda film fest.

I thought the point of the Vagina Monologues was to take back women's power, thru the use of words. So it makes a logical trip down my synapses that she would use the word. I believe i've had this discussion before about the power of words, and their use in a few classes i've had. My questions are: does a word lose it's negative connotation by using it more and accepting it into the regularly used lexicon? Or does it keep it's power because it is a 'taboo' word?

It looks to me to be one of those catch-22 situations.

X. Dell said...

Interesting. When I read the title, the name John Landis somehow came to mind--but then I realized that would make me a day early.

Candy Minx said... one should have to apologize for using a beautiful part of the human body...I am cracking up...she did it so politely too. I forget how many very very bizarre uptight people there are in the world. I swear like a fiend and I try not to because people find it upsetting but still...

Gurl with glasses makes a perfect point...the point of the play and using the words is because they are associated with "judgement" and "hate" and intolerance" towards women and still...people still hate women after all...

pjazzypar said...

It didn't seem like a slip of the tongue to me. I love it!

Malcolm said...

Jessica: Incidents like this is one reason I love live TV.

Dawn: In answer to your questions about taboo words losing their power, I think it depends on the word. In this age of political correctness in which we live, I don't think a taboo word will ever be given a chance to lose its power through regular use.

X. Dell: I forgot all about the John Landis angle that you mentioned until I used Google. I'll try to remember to look for the "See You Next Wednesday" reference the next time I watch one of his directorial efforts.

Candy: The way she said it made the incident all the more funnier to me. I would have been interesting to hear what type of complaints NBC received.

Pjazzy: I don't think it was either. Not like when Jerry Lewis used a gay slur in a joke he was telling during last year's telethon. As soon as he said it, he knew he had fucked up, lol.

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