Monday, June 30, 2008

So Many Movies...

I copped this meme from Michael T. over at Daily? musings. Here are the rules:

If you’ve seen the movie, put the title in bold type (because my type is normally bold, I highlighted the ones I've seen in red).

Put asterisks next to the movies you’ve seen and liked

The following list comes from the current double issue of Entertainment Weekly in which they list the 100 best movies of the last 25 years (aka The New Classics).

1. Pulp Fiction 1994 *
2. The Lord of the Rings trilogy 2001-03
3. Titanic 1997
4. Blue Velvet 1986
5. Toy Story 1995 *
6. Saving Private Ryan 1998
7. Hannah and Her Sisters 1986
8. The Silence of the Lambs 1991*
9. Die Hard 1988*
10. Moulin Rouge 2001
11. This Is Spinal Tap 1984*
12. The Matrix 1999*
13. GoodFellas 1990*
14. Crumb 1995
15. Edward Scissorhands 1990*
16. Boogie Nights 1997*
17. Jerry Maguire 1996*
18. Do the Right Thing 1989*
19. Casino Royale 2006
20. The Lion King 1994
21. Schindler’s List 1993
22. Rushmore 1998
23. Memento 2001
24. A Room With a View 1986
25. Shrek 2001*
26. Hoop Dreams 1994*
27. Aliens 1986*
28. Wings of Desire 1988
29. The Bourne Supremacy 2004
30. When Harry Met Sally 1989*
31. Brokeback Mountain 2005
32. Fight Club 1999*
33. The Breakfast Club 1985*
34. Fargo 1996*
35. The Incredibles 2004
36. Spider-Man 2 2004
37. Pretty Woman 1990
38. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind 2004
39. The Sixth Sense 1999
40. Speed 1994*
41. Dazed and Confused 1993
42. Clueless 1995*
43. Gladiator 2000
44. The Player 1992
45. Rain Man 1988*
46. Children of Men 2006
47. Men in Black 1997
48. Scarface 1983*
49. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon 2000
50. The Piano 1993
51. There Will Be Blood 2007
52. The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad 1988*
53. The Truman Show 1998
54. Fatal Attraction 1987*
55. Risky Business 1983*
56. The Lives of Others 2006
57. There’s Something About Mary 1998*
58. Ghostbusters 1984
59. L.A. Confidential 1997 *
60. Scream 1996*
61. Beverly Hills Cop 1984*
62. sex, lies and videotape 1989
63. Big 1988*
64. No Country For Old Men 2007
65. Dirty Dancing 1987
66. Natural Born Killers 1994*
67. Donnie Brasco 1997
68. Witness 1985
69. All About My Mother 1999
70. Broadcast News 1987 *
71. Unforgiven 1992
72. Thelma & Louise 1991*
73. Office Space 1999*
74. Drugstore Cowboy 1989*
75. Out of Africa 1985
76. The Departed 2006
77. Sid and Nancy 1986
78. Terminator 2: Judgment Day 1991
79. Waiting for Guffman 1996
80. Michael Clayton 2007
81. Moonstruck 1987
82. Lost in Translation 2003
83. Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn 1987
84. Sideways 2004*
85. The 40 Year-Old Virgin 2005*
86. Y Tu Mamá También 2002
87. Swingers 1996*
88. Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery 1997
89. Breaking the Waves 1996
90. Napoleon Dynamite 2004
91. Back to the Future 1985*
92. Menace II Society 1993*
93. Ed Wood 1994*
94. Full Metal Jacket 1987
95. In the Mood for Love 2001
96. Far From Heaven 2002*
97. Glory 1989
98. The Talented Mr. Ripley 1999
99. The Blair Witch Project 1999
100. South Park: Bigger Longer & Uncut 1999

This meme confirms what I already knew; although I watch alot of movies, many of them aren't recent. Of the 25 movies that were released in 2000 or later that made the list, I have seen only 4 of them. Overall, I tend to watch movies that even pre-date 1983 (my favorite channel is Turner Classic Movies). Having said that, I do plan to watch some of the movies on this list that I haven't seen.

Some of you may look at the list above and be amazed at some of the movies I haven't seen. To me, unless you are a movie critic, there are going to be some holes in anyone's list of movies they've seen vs. what they haven't.

As many of you know, I don't tag people for memes. However, if you decide to play along, let me and others know by leaving your link in the comments section.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Final Results of the Favorite Prince Song Poll

With almost double the amount of votes received by the runner-up, When Doves Cry was voted your favorite Prince song out of the ones that hit #1. Incidentally, When Doves Cry is also the biggest hit of Prince's career thus far (#1 for 8wks on the R&B chart and 5 wks on the pop chart).

I knew when I put together this poll that I would have to limit the choices to just #1 hits. Otherwise, you would have needed to scroll down in order to see all of the choices. Since it's practically impossible to pick just one tune as a favorite by His Royal Badness, I set up the poll so that multiple selections could be made (I also mentioned this in the invite post as well). I hope that those of you who mentioned how hard it is to pick just one favorite Prince tune took the opportunity to select multiple songs.

With a couple of exceptions, the voting followed the pattern of each song's crossover success. I was pleasantly surprised to see one of my faves (1979's I Wanna Be Your Lover) make a solid showing in the polls. Although it was his first #1 (spending 2 wks on top of the R&B charts), it only peaked at #11 on the pop chart. The other exception was the lack of love received by Batdance. Although it was the fourth and the last (to date) of Prince's songs to hit #1 on both the pop and R&B charts (the other 3 are When Doves Cry, Let's Go Crazy, and Kiss), it tied with two others for the least amount of votes. I know I'm in the minority, but I think Batdance is an underrated tune in the Prince catalog. "Vicki Vale.... Vicki Vale..."

Here are the final results:

When Doves Cry- 39%
Kiss and Let's Go Crazy- 20% each
I Wanna Be Your Lover- 13%
Diamonds and Pearls- 11%
Cream- 6%
Batdance, Sign of the Times, and Thieves In the Temple- 2% each

Note: There won't be a new poll until Sunday July 6th.

Below is the video for the winning song in the Prince poll:

Friday, June 27, 2008

Please Take A Moment To Vote In the Current Prince Poll... Thank You

Since I know it's hard for some of us to pick just one song by Prince as our fave, this poll allows you to make multiple selections.

Top 5 On Friday - Week 181: It's All About "You"

From Music Memoirs, Top 5 On Friday - Week 181

Top 5 "You" songs ie. songs with "you" in the title.

1. You Oughta Be With Me- Al Green

2. Is You Is or Is You Ain't My Baby?- Louis Jordan & his Tympany Five

3. Turn To You- The Go Gos

4. Why Didn't You Call Me- Macy Gray

5. See You Later, Alligator- Bill Haley & His Comets

If you'd like to take part by posting your Top 5 "You" songs on your blog, visit Music Memoirs and leave your link in the comments sections so that others can visit you. If you aren't a blogger but would still like to participate, feel free to leave your top 5 in the comments section of this post.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #49: Hot Musical Ladies of the 80s

Thirteen Hot Musical Ladies From the 1980s

Sometimes I put together a T13 with the mindset that I might introduce someone to a movie, TV show, or song that they don't know. There are no such lofty goals with the following T13. This week, it's all about confectionery for the corneas. The list below spotlights just some of the 80s ladies of the music world that set more than just the charts on fire.

Note: The ladies are listed in alphabetical order. I was going to rank them based on hotness, but that would have been a little too much work.

1. Paula Abdul- Perhaps the best reason for why anyone would have ever wanted to be Emilio Estevez

2. Apollonia- How could I not love a woman who would jump stark naked into what she thought was Lake Minnetonka in order to purify herself?

3. Bananarama- Part of their appeal to me was that they always seemed to be having fun. They also sported overalls early in their career, which I have always found sexy on the right woman.

4. Expose'- Although I didn't own any of their music back in the day, I made it my business to know their names. Hells yeah I did. I had a one-way bus ticket to Miami and everything!

5. Susannah Hoffs- The Bangles lead singer was so hot that poor suckers shelled out some of their hard earned beer money to see The Allnighter. I was smart in one regard; I waited for that mess to hit cable before I saw it.

6. Janet Jackson- No hot iron from an abusive TV mama required; the former Penny Gordon sizzled just fine without any assistance.

7. Lisa Lisa- I tried my damnedest to find an 80s era photo of the lovely Lisa Lisa by herself. But those Cult Jam bastards were like gum on her shoe.

8. Lushus Daim- This lady had two minor hits on the R&B charts during the mid 80s. I couldn't tell you what either one of 'em sounded like even if it meant the firing squad. I do remember that a friend of mine had a (or was it the) Lushus Daim and the Pretty Vain album on cassette and Lushus was just that on the cover.

9. Madonna- I've been known to rip Madonna for alot of things. But I can't deny that she was smokin' back in the day. This pose from the Like A Virgin album looks even better in color.

10. Pebbles- Apparently, she got her nickname because of her resemblance to Fred Flintstone's daughter. There's a Bedrock double entendre' in there somewhere... but I'm gonna take a pass.

11. Sylvia- While trying to recall singers from the 80s that I found hot, I was reminded of this country vocalist who had one of her hits crossover to the pop chart (Nobody). Somebody might be tempted to make a cheap Pillow Talk joke, but that's the wrong Sylvia!

12. Vanity- I pleaded with the clerk at Record Town, "I don't want the damn record, just let me buy the album cover!"

13. Karyn White- Even though she was one of the finest dance divas of the decade, she somehow had a girl next door innocence that made her appealing as well.

Which recording artists in your mind had the hotness meter going off the charts in the 1980s?

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Monday, June 23, 2008

Don Imus Strikes Again

To paraphrase Brook Benton, I knew it would be just a matter of time before radio talk show host Don Imus was at it again. As you may remember, Imus made some controversial remarks about the Rutgers University women's basketball team on April 4, 2007 which led to CBS Radio cancelling his show shortly thereafter. After months of legal wrangling, Imus returned to the airwaves last December.

On his June 23rd broadcast, Imus made some questionable comments about Dallas Cowboys cornerback Adam Jones (formerly nicknamed "Pacman"). While sports anchor Warner Wolf was reading a story about Jones, Imus inquired about Jones' ethnicity:

Warner Wolf: ...He's been arrested six times since being drafted by Tennessee in 2005...

Imus: What color is he?

Wolf: ...He's African-American

Imus: Well. There you go. Now we know.

Afterwards, Wolf continues on about Jones and then goes into a story about soccer legend Pele being robbed at gunpoint in Brazil. To hear the entire audio clip of the incident, click here.

In the wake of the controversy, Imus said that his comments about Jones were misunderstood. "I meant that he was being picked on because he's black," Imus said in a statement released by his spokesman. Although Imus could really believe that Jones is being targeted because of his race, I don't think that's the case. In my opinion, Jones' past troubles with the law are because he was a fuck-up... pure and simple.

When I initially read and listened to Imus' remarks about Jones, my first thought was that he should be gone quick, fast, and in a hurry. I even said so in the original post that I wrote. However, after listening repeatedly to Imus' remarks and in light of his explanation, I don't think that firing or suspending him would be justified. Just to be clear, I believe that Imus lied in his statement to save his ass. On the other hand, he could be telling the truth. Right or wrong, Imus' past history of making insensitive remarks means that anything he utters that's even remotely controversial will be scrutinized.

What (if anything) do you think should happen to Don Imus in regards to his comments about Adam Jones?

Comic George Carlin Dead At the Age of 71

This morning I woke up to the sad news that stand-up comic icon George Carlin died Sunday night of heart failure at the age of 71. Even though George had a history of heart problems, his death still caught me off guard. Just a few days ago, the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, DC announced that Carlin would be the 2008 honoree of the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor to be awarded in November of 2008.

As I got ready for work this morning, I was thinking of George's approach to comedy and it reminded me of one of my favorite movie lines. In the 1960 courtroom drama Inherit the Wind, reporter E.K. Hornbeck (played by Gene Kelly) said that a newspaper's job is to "comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable" and that's what George did for last 40 years. Whether he was ranting about government waste, the hypocrisy of religion or the decline of common sense among the human race, George had the ability to not only make you laugh, but think as well. In my eye, he was right up there with Richard Pryor in the stand-up comedy pantheon (he actually finished #2 behind Richard in Comedy Central's list of the 100 greatest stand-up comics of all-time).

I was fortunate enough to see George Carlin live circa 1990 when he performed at the campus of Northern Michigan University. One thing that stuck with me about George's show was his riff on golf being a useless sport, adding that we should be using the land where golf courses are for homeless shelters instead. As a non-fan of golf and a fan of common sense, I was in complete agreement with George on that one.

Right up to the end, George Carlin was still telling it like it is and railing against the system. Below is his breakdown of The American Dream.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Final Results of the Get Smart vs. The Love Guru Poll

Anne Hathaway and Steve Carell of Get Smart

In a landslide victory, Get Smart easily defeated The Love Guru in the recent poll asking which film would make the most money on opening weekend. The fact that both films opened this weekend was a bit surprising because movie studios normally space out their same genre major releases so that they don't clash.

Get Smart's victory in the poll proved to be prophetic. Get Smart was the #1 film this past weekend, earning an estimated $39.2 million. The Love Guru came in 4th place, taking in only $14 million. I think
The Love Guru, the spiritual inspired comedy starring Mike Myers, had a couple of things going against it. Myers' 5-yr absence from the big screen (he last appeared in 2003's The Cat In the Hat) probably hurt. I also think that The Love Guru came about 10 years too late. Had the movie been made during the height of Deepak Chopra/the self-help movement, audiences might have been more receptive

Here are the final results:

Get Smart- 88%
The Love Guru- 11%

Below is a player from that includes a synopsis, photos, trailers, etc.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Care To Test Your Rock & Roll Smarts?

While visiting Layla's Classic Rock Faves yesterday, I learned about Rolling Stone's Rock & Roll Quiz. Billed as "58 questions that will separate the music aficionados from the novices", the quiz has its fair share of "ass busters". If you do take the test, feel free to leave your score in the comments section. Although I scored a 43, I guessed on quite a few of the questions.

Be forewarned about one thing. There is a "tip" near the bottom of the page stating
that the questions get progressively easier. This all depends on your area of expertise because I didn't find that they got easier at all. Below is the link to the quiz.

Rolling Stone's Rock & Roll Quiz

The Retro Mix Playlist For 6/20/08

7 pm hour

September- Earth, Wind and Fire
Call To Your Heart- Giuffria
Private Dancer- Tina Turner
Wig Wam Bam- Sweet
Rubberband Man- The Spinners
Don't Be Cruel- Bobby Brown
Change of Heart- Cyndi Lauper

With or Without You segment's feat. artist: Brian Wilson
Wouldn't It Be Nice- The Beach Boys
Love and Mercy- solo

Rock the Boat- The Hues Corporation
He's A Friend- Eddie Kendricks
Do You Wanna Touch Me (Oh Yeah)- Joan Jett and the Blackhearts
The Other Side- Aerosmith
I Don't Love You Anymore- Teddy Pendergrass

8 pm hour

Living Thing- ELO
Honey Please Can't Ya See- Barry White
I Won't Let You Down- PhD
Everytime I Think of You- The Babys
Party All the Time- Eddie Murphy
More Than Physical- Bananarama
Space Race- Billy Preston

The Guilty Pleasure of the Week:
Even the Nights Are Better- Air Supply

Something About You- Level 42
Bustin' Loose- Chuck Brown and the Soul Searchers
Edge of A Broken Heart- Vixen
Naughty Naughty- John Parr
Maybe Tomorrow- The Jackson Five

Note: Since Kettering University will be shut down from 6/22 to 7/13, my show will not air during that time. My show returns on Friday July 18th.

The Retro Mix video of the week: Private Dancer by Tina Turner

Friday, June 20, 2008

Roller Boogie Airs On TCM Tonight!

As part of its cult movie showcase "TCM Underground", Turner Classic Movies is showing the 1979 epic Roller Boogie Friday night at 3:45 AM. Made during the roller skating fad of the late 70s, the movie stars Linda Blair as a teen who rallies to save her favorite roller rink when it's threatened with demolition by a ruthless land developer. Although there won't be any headspinning by Ms. Blair, I fully expect some fancy footwork on the roller rink by TAFKARM (The Actress Formerly Known As Regan MacNeil).

Since Roller Boogie is one of those films that slipped through my pop culture sieve, I am actually looking forward to seeing it tonight (chances are I'll still be up). Along with Linda Blair, the movie also stars Stoney Jackson (Streets of Fire), Jimmy Van Patten (Freaky Friday), Beverly Garland (My Three Sons), and Mark Goddard (Lost In Space).

Below is the trailer to Roller Boogie (set to Cher's roller disco opus "Hell On Wheels"). If you can't get enough of Cher in all her strobe light glory, following the trailer is the video to "Hell On Wheels"!

Please Take A Moment To Vote In the Current Box-Office Poll... thank you.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Thursday Thirteen # 48: Quotes From the TV Series Get Smart

Thirteen Quotes From the TV Series Get Smart

Since the big-screen adaptation of Get Smart hits theaters on Friday, I decided to devote this week's T13 to the original series (which ran from 1965-1970). Ever since I was introduced to the spy spoof in reruns as a pre-teen, I have been a huge fan of the misadventures of bumbling CONTROL agent Maxwell Smart as he fights on behalf of the forces of goodness and niceness.

Although I enjoyed the supporting cast (which included Barbara Feldon as the stylish and resourceful Agent 99, Edward Platt as harried The Chief, and Bernie Kopell as KAOS Vice President Siegfried), the main attraction of Get Smart was the hilarious work of the late Don Adams. His portrayal of Maxwell Smart (which earned him 3 consecutive Emmy Awards from 1967-1969), still stands as one of TV's most memorable. Steve Carell has some big shoes (one equipped with a phone) to fill. In addition to the three that Adams won, Get Smart was also awarded Emmys for writing (1967), directing (1968) and Outstanding Comedy Series (1968 and 1969).

Below are 13 of my favorite quotes from Get Smart. I could have done a list consisting solely of the numerous catchphrases from the show, but decided to go the quote route instead. Although it was hard to narrow down the list, I really enjoyed putting it together. For one thing, it gave me an excuse to pull out the episodes I recorded on VHS back in the early 90s.

1. Mary "Jack" Armstrong (a female KAOS spy with superhuman strength): Now Mr. Smart, you will telephone your Chief and you will give him some information as to where you are. Information that of course will be totally false.
Maxwell Smart: And what if I refuse?
Mary "Jack": Then I shall make you do it.
Maxwell Smart: You and who else?

Mary "Jack" proceeds to karate chop a table to pieces

Maxwell Smart: Got an answer for everything haven't you?

2. KAOS Agent: Look, I'm a sportsman. I'll let you pick the way you want to die.
Maxwell Smart: Oh, OK. Uh, how about old age?

3. Maxwell Smart: I'm getting complaints from the landlord about the gun battles in the hall, and the bombs in the lobby, and the knife fights in the elevator.
Chief: Well, when you rent an apartment to a secret agent, you've got to expect those things.
Maxwell Smart: But he doesn't know I'm a secret agent.
Chief: Well, how do you explain people attacking you and shooting at you?
Maxwell Smart: Well, I told him I work for the Bureau of Internal Revenue.

4. Agent 99: Oh, Max, how terrible.
Maxwell Smart: He desereved it, 99. He was a KAOS killer.
Agent 99: Sometimes I wonder if we're any better, Max.
Maxwell Smart: What are you talking about, 99? We have to shoot and kill and destroy. We represent everything that's wholesome and good in the world.

5. After Hymie the Robot almost kills the Chief
Agent 99: Well what are we gonna do?
Chief: We'll have to destroy him
Maxwell Smart
: Destroy him?! You can't destroy Hymie. Hymie's my friend.
Chief: Max, this friend just broke through my office door, smashed my desk to pieces, and almost strangled me with his bare hands. How do you explain that?!
Maxwell Smart: I said he was my friend, not yours.

6. Chief: How can we believe a man who would sell out his friends?
Siegfried: Dumkopf! Who else are you supposed to sell out? You can't betray enemies!

7. KAOS Agent: Tell you what, we'll finish the game. If you win, I'll release you.
Maxwell Smart: Well that sounds fair enough.
KAOS Agent: If you lose, I kill you.
Maxwell Smart: And just to make it interesting, how about five dollars on the side?

8. Maxwell Smart: All right Hondo. I'm used to dealing with big ugly apes like you.

Max proceeds to hit Hondo with a series of punches and karate chops, none of which faze Hondo.

Maxwell Smart: Uh, listen Hondo. I hope I wasn't out of line with that crack about the ape.

9. Agent 99: What about me Hunter?
Hunter: I have other plans for you my dear. I hope that you will stay on here as my permanent... guest.
Agent 99: I'd rather take my chances in the jungle with Max.
Hunter: Very loyal my dear and very stupid!
Maxwell Smart: We're CONTROL agents Hunter. We're trained to be very loyal and very stupid.

10. Maxwell Smart: Tisha, there's an organization of shrewd determined men who've been trying to get control of this country for a number of years. Perhaps you've heard of them.
Tisha: Oh, you mean the Republicans.

11. Naomi Farkas (holding a gun on Agent 99): Keep your voice down honey and don't yell for your husband. You might as well know, we're KAOS.
Emil Farkas: You're holding a gun on her and I'm taking pictures of secret documents. Who else would she think we were, Sonny and Cher?!

Note: Naomi and Emil Farkas were played by Alice Ghostley and Tom Bosley

12. Siegfried holds Max and 99 at gunpoint and takes their guns for the second time.
Siegfried: All is not lost for KAOS. Guns please! Come on 99, your gun... quickly!
Maxwell Smart (hands a card to Siegfried): Here
Siegfried: What is this?
Maxwell Smart: My permit, you might as well take it. You use my guns more than I do.

13. Maxwell Smart: You're very clever my charming little friend, but not clever enough. You see the moment I suspected there was something wrong with this old scow, I immediately telephoned headquarters. And I happen to know that at this very minute, seven Coast Guard cutters are converging on this boat. Would you believe it, seven?
Mr. Big: I find that pretty hard to believe.
Maxwell Smart: Would you believe six?
Mr. Big: I don't think so.
Maxwell Smart: How about two cops and a rowboat?

Below is a clip from the 1967 episode One of Our Olives Is Missing, with special guest star Carol Burnett

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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Tuesday Tunes - Week 37

Tuesday Tunes - Week 37
This week we're all about The Fab Four aka The Beatles.

Who is your favorite Beatle? John Lennon

What is one of your favorite Beatle songs? Golden Slumbers/Carry That Weight/The End

Best/Worst cover of a Beatles song.
Best: We Can Work It Out by Stevie Wonder (rec. in 1971)
Worst: A Hard Day's Night by Peggy Lee

Best song by a Beatle after the breakup. "Crippled Inside" by John Lennon (from the 1971 album Imagine)

Race & Hollywood: Asian Images In Film Airing On TCM

In case you haven't seen any of it yet, you may want to check out the 35-film retrospective Race & Hollywood: Asian Images In Film on TCM. Every Tuesday and Thursday in June, the classic movie channel will air films that trace the portrayal of Asians in Hollywood. This continues TCM's annual look at Tinseltown's depiction of minorities (they previously did separate festivals focusing on African-American and gay/lesbian images).

Although I have missed some of the festival, I was able to catch two documentaries (one dealing specifically with the portrayal of Asian males on the big screen and another one focusing on Anna May Wong, the first Asian actress to gain international fame). I also watched two of the films that aired last Thursday (Dragon Seed and China Sky). Some of the films coming up include the following:

Go For Broke (airing Tues 6/17 at 8 PM)
Walk Like A Dragon (Tues 6/17 at 1:30 AM)
Bridge To the Sun (Thurs 6/19 at 8 PM)
Flower Drum Song (Tues 6/24 at 11:30 PM)
Enter the Dragon (Tues 6/24 at 2 AM)
Rush Hour 2 (Thurs 6/26 at 8 PM)
The Joy Luck Club (Thurs 6/26 at 10 PM)

For more details on Race & Hollywood: Asian Images In Film (including an overview of the festival, a complete list of the movies and a photo gallery), click here.

Below are excerpts of interviews that feature such Asian performers as Ming Na, Nancy Kwan, and Lauren Tom discussing their experiences in Hollywood.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Check Out This Lyrics Quiz

If you guys and dolls have the time, you should check out the lyrics quiz that BeckEye has posted at her blog The Pop Eye. There are a total of 36 lyrics samples (nine for each decade from the 60s through the 90s). Within each decade she has the lyrics broken out into 3 levels, based on the degree of difficulty.

My "old school" badge is clearly showing because my success on her quiz has been declining with each decade. I'll keep plugging away, maybe something will rattle loose from the crevices of my cranium. She plans on posting the answers next week.

Final Results of the Celebrity Marriage Poll

In the recent poll in which I asked what recent celebrity marriage did you think would last the longest, the dynamic duo of Beyonce' and Jay-Z received exactly half of the votes. Coming in a distant 2nd was the coupling of actress Jessica Alba and Cash Warren (the son of actor and former UCLA basketball star Michael Warren). Of the five choices, I would bet on these two marriages lasting the longest. I can't exactly pinpoint why I think Beyonce' and Jay-Z will have staying power; it's just a gut feeling. Although I know little about Cash Warren, Jessica Alba seems to have her shit together; you never read stories about her carousing at the clubs, getting in trouble with the law, etc. That's my reasoning behind expecting their marriage to have staying power.

As for the remaining three couples in the poll, I'm a bit surprised that they received any votes. The out of the blue nuptials of Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon had many of us looking as if we suffered from itchy scalps. If they are still together by the time Nick turns 30 (he'll reach that milestone in October 2010), I'll be surprised. The Ashley Simpson/Pete Wentz marriage seems to be the iffiest one of the lot. Although I have no way of knowing, there still might be shotgun powder residue on their marriage license. If Ashley is anything like her sister Jessica, I fully expect the public to get the opportunity to see her marriage with Pete Wentz played out in a reality show fairly soon. In regards to Charlie Sheen's marriage to Brooke Mueller, that's one I could see lasting 5 months or 5 years.

Here are the final results:

Beyonce' & Jay-Z: 50%
Jessica Alba & Cash Warren: 33%
Ashley Simpson & Pete Wentz, Charlie Sheen & Brooke Mueller, and Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon: 5% each

Friday, June 13, 2008

The Retro Mix Playlist For 6/13/08

7 pm hour

The Show- Doug E. Fresh & the Get Fresh Crew
Naughty Girls Need Love Too- Samantha Fox
Instant Replay- Dan Hartman
Policy of Truth- Depeche Mode
Shoplifters of the World Unite- The Smiths
Mary Jane- Rick James
Tender Love- The Force MD's
Sentimental Street- Night Ranger
I Want Your Love- Chic
Westbound #9- The Flaming Ember
Let's Go To Bed- The Cure
Dance Hall Days- Wang Chung
Bad Girls- Donna Summer
Silver Moon- Michael Nesmith

8 pm hour

You Give Love A Bad Name- Bon Jovi
Change- John Waite
Gypsy Moths- Labelle
Backstabbers- The O'jays
Dear God- XTC
Pulling Mussels (From the Shell)- Squeeze
Square Pegs- The Waitresses
The Payback- James Brown
Every 1's A Winner- Hot Chocolate
Little Green Bag- The George Baker Selection
Buffalo Stance- Neneh Cherry
Alex Chilton- The Replacements
Fallout- The Police
A Love Bizarre- Sheila E.
Young Americans- David Bowie

The Retro Mix video of the week: Change by John Waite. If you remember when this 1982 video was in regular rotation on MTV, it's practically impossible not to point to the sky as you sing the line "Change" in a falsetto voice.

Top 5 On Friday- Week 179

Top 5 On Friday - Week 179

This week's topic is brought to you by the sister of The Mistress of the Dark.

Top 5 postal songs- I like the challenge that the Mistress of the D has posed: come up with five songs without using that obvious song done by a girl group in the 60s that was covered by both the Beatles as well as the Carpenters.

1. Twistin' Postman by The Marvelettes

2. Zip Code by The Five Americans

3. Roll Over Beethoven by Chuck Berry (opening lyrics: I'm gonna write a little letter, gonna mail it to my local DJ...)

4. Because I Love You (The Postman Song) by Stevie B.

5. Return To Sender by Elvis Presley

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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #47: Some of MY Favorite Films of the 1980s

Thirteen of MY Favorite Films of the 1980s

After looking at various lists on which people named their favorite films of the 80s, I started to wonder if there were less than 30 movies made in that ten year span. Since I grew up in the decade of Pac-Man and parachute pants, I knew that this wasn't so.

Below (in alphabetical order) are some of my favorites from that decade. Instead of listing many of the ones that crop up constantly, I decided to dig a little deeper and focus on movies that I enjoyed but are somewhat overlooked. That's not to say that I don't enjoy some of the big movies from the 80s. However, I know that 80s cinema was more than just Big, Batman and The Breakfast Club.

In that spirit, what movies from the 80s do you feel are overlooked?

1. Bad Boys (1983)- Set primarily in a juvenile detention center, this gritty drama stars Sean Penn and Esai Morales as rival gang members sworn to kill each other. Making her film debut is Ally Sheedy as the girlfriend of Sean Penn's character. One of my favorite scenes is when Mick O'Brien (Penn) uses a pillow case filled with pop cans as a weapon against two bullying inmates.

2. Chuck Berry: Hail! Hail! Rock 'n' Roll (1987)- This concert documentary about arguably rock's most influential artist features an awesome lineup of stars (Keith Richards, Etta James, Bruce Springsteen, Linda Ronstadt, and Eric Clapton just to name a few) and culminates in Chuck Berry's 60th birthday concert in St. Louis, MO. One of my favorite scenes features Chuck and fellow legends Little Richard and Bo Diddley gathered around a piano reminiscing about the early days of rock and roll.

3. Clean and Sober (1988) - Made during the height of the "Just Say No" era, this movie stars Michael Keaton as a slick commercial real estate agent who enters rehab after his drug and alcohol addictions spiral out of control. The film also features Morgan Freeman as a drug counselor and M. Emmett Walsh as one of Keaton's fellow rehab patients.

Favorite line:

Richard (played by M. Emmett Walsh): I woke up one morning, and when I looked in the mirror I noticed my nose was bent over entirely onto one side of my face. So, I got a hammer, and started banging my nose back to a right angle with my face. Suddenly, I looked at myself in the mirror, hammer in hand, blood streaming down my chin, and I realized my life was no longer manageable.

4. Crossroads (1986) - This can be described as "The Karate Kid Goes To the Mississippi Delta". Macchio stars as a young blues enthusiast who learns about a supposed "lost" song by the legendary Robert Johnson. He seeks out an elderly man (Joe Seneca) who may or may not be bluesman Willie Brown and the two travel from Memphis to Mississippi. Along the way, the two pick up a hitchhiker (Jami Gertz). The movie climaxes with a guitar duel between Macchio's character and a musician (played by Steve Vai) who sold his soul to the devil in exchange for his musical abilities.

5. D.C. Cab (1983) - Along with Mr. T, this comedy about a motley crew of cab drivers also features Gary Busey, Marsha Warfield (Night Court), and Bill Maher (Politically Incorrect). One of my favorite lines:

Samson (played by Mr. T): Why don't you get off the street and get a decent job?

Hooker In Mr. T's Cab: Cause I need the bread!

Samson: Then get a job at the bakery.

6. Easy Money (1983)- This comedy features one of my all-time favorite comedians as a children's photographer who stands to inherit 10 million dollars if he can give up smoking, drinking, and gambling for a year. One of my favorite lines:

Monty (Rodney Dangerfield): My mother-in-law, for years I wouldn't kiss her face; I end up kissing her ass.

7. The Hollywood Knights (1980)- Set on Halloween night in 1965, I think of this movie as a cross between "American Grafitti" and "Animal House". It centers around the activities of a car club that regularly menaces Beverly Hills socialites, the local high school, and two bumbling police officers. The movie stars Robert Wuhl (whose character has one of the all-time great names, Newbomb Turk) and Fran Drescher. Don't let the coverbox fool you. Although Tony Danza and Michelle Pfeiffer have somewhat pivotal roles, their screen time is relatively small.

8. The Hollywood Shuffle (1987)- A hilarious satire of Hollywood's sterotyping of Blacks in both films and TV, this movie stars Robert Townsend, Anne-Marie Johnson, Keenan Ivory Wayans, and John Witherspoon. One of my favorite scenes is a fantasy sequence featuring Townsend as a private eye on the trail of a villain known as "Jheri Curl".

9. House of Games (1987)- Nothing is what it seems in this modern classic starring Lindsay Crouse as a psychiatrist/author who gets tangled up with a con man (Joe Mantegna).

Favorite line:

George: Where is this guy from?

Mike (played by Mantegna): I'm from the United States of kiss my ass!

10. Krush Groove (1985)- Based loosely on the early days of the Def Jam record label, this movie stars Sheila E., Blair Underwood, and many stars from the early days of rap (Run DMC, Kurtis Blow, The Fat Boys, etc.). One of my favorite scenes is when LL Cool J performs "I Can't Live Without My Radio" during an audition.

11. Little Darlings (1980)- During summer camp, a rich kid (Tatum O'Neal) and a girl from the wrong side of the tracks (Kristy McNichol) compete to see which one of them will be the first to lose their virginity. Among the summer campers is Sex and the City's Cynthia Nixon (in her film debut) as a flower child named Sunshine. The producers of "The Facts of Life" saw "Little Darlings" and liked the rich girl/poor girl dynamic between Tatum's and Kristy's characters. As a result, they created the character of Jo Polniaczek as a rival for Blair Warner.

12. Lost Angels (1989)- Starring Adam Horowitz (aka Ad Rock of The Beastie Boys) as a troubled rich kid who is sent to a private psychiatric hospital to straighten out his problems. I wish that Horowitz had done more acting because he was damn good in the lead role. Favorite line:

Tim (played by Horowitz): Barry, you got the rest of your life to be an asshole. Why don't you take the day off?

13. A Soldier's Story (1984)- Set in the South during WW II, this Norman Jewison murder mystery about racial tensions is similar to one of Jewison's earlier films (In the Heat of the Night). I also liken this film to movies like "American Grafitti" and "Fast Times At Ridgemont High". Not because of its tone, but because it also featured actors early in their careers who went on to bigger and better things. Among the cast are Howard E. Rollins (the TV version of In the Heat of the Night), David Allen Grier (In Living Color), William Allen Young (Moesha), Robert Townsend, and a young actor named Denzel Washington.

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