Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Retro Mix Playlist For 6/20/08

7 pm hour

September- Earth, Wind and Fire
Call To Your Heart- Giuffria
Private Dancer- Tina Turner
Wig Wam Bam- Sweet
Rubberband Man- The Spinners
Don't Be Cruel- Bobby Brown
Change of Heart- Cyndi Lauper

With or Without You segment's feat. artist: Brian Wilson
Wouldn't It Be Nice- The Beach Boys
Love and Mercy- solo

Rock the Boat- The Hues Corporation
He's A Friend- Eddie Kendricks
Do You Wanna Touch Me (Oh Yeah)- Joan Jett and the Blackhearts
The Other Side- Aerosmith
I Don't Love You Anymore- Teddy Pendergrass

8 pm hour

Living Thing- ELO
Honey Please Can't Ya See- Barry White
I Won't Let You Down- PhD
Everytime I Think of You- The Babys
Party All the Time- Eddie Murphy
More Than Physical- Bananarama
Space Race- Billy Preston

The Guilty Pleasure of the Week:
Even the Nights Are Better- Air Supply

Something About You- Level 42
Bustin' Loose- Chuck Brown and the Soul Searchers
Edge of A Broken Heart- Vixen
Naughty Naughty- John Parr
Maybe Tomorrow- The Jackson Five

Note: Since Kettering University will be shut down from 6/22 to 7/13, my show will not air during that time. My show returns on Friday July 18th.

The Retro Mix video of the week: Private Dancer by Tina Turner


Barbara(aka Layla) said...

I could watch Tina all day.

The Mistress of the Dark said...

I love that Vixen song. They were one of the few girl rock bands that I really liked in the 80s.

BeckEye said...

Say, do you remember the Bon Jovi song "Edge of a Broken Heart?" They recorded it for the Disorderlies soundtrack for some unknown reason. I've never been able to find that song anywhere. I remember patiently waiting by the radio when I was a kid and finally got a crappy taped version of it.

And typing this just gave me the idea to look for it on iTunes...and lo and behold...there it is!!!

Oh, that is classic Bon Jovi. Gotta love that heavy synth line. Go Dave Bryan, you and your bad self with your bad perm...

Malcolm said...

Barbara: No argument from me.

The Mistress of the D: Although I was more of a Bangles/Go-Gos guy, I did appreciate Vixen. Did you happen to catch them on Bands Reunited?

BeckEye: Although I saw Disorderlies, I don't remember that Bon Jovi song. I actually saw that in the theater while waiting to catch a bus to Detroit. Since I am a huge Three Stooges fan, I got a kick out of Disorderlies as well.

My girlfriend at the time worshipped at the shrine of Bon Jovi. I remember the first time I went into her dorm room, it was wall-to-wall Bon Jovi. I was like, what the hell is this all about. Some time later during an argument, she ripped all the posters off the wall. I wouldn't have minded, but she also destroyed the Ann and Nancy Wilson poster I bought her.

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