Friday, February 15, 2008

Please Take A Moment To Vote In the Current Denzel Washington Poll... Thank you.

Also, I had a posting flurry late Thursday/early Friday so be sure to scroll down and see what you might have missed.


pjazzypar said...

Have to go with the channeling of Malcolm X.

Lori said...

Put me down for his portrayal of "Trip" from the movie "Glory." I really do think that has been Denzel's finest performance to date. And yes, I've seen all of the others. Loved him in "Malcolm" and "Training Day" and even the latest, "Great Debaters.

But "Glory" is the one that touches me on the deepest of levels and moves me to tears every time. Matter of fact, being that it is Black History Month,I think it's time I introduced my son to the film.

Candy Minx said...

What a great photo...Denzel Washington makes me smile. The world is a better place with him in it! I chose Malcolm X. I love all his roles and I was slightly torn with Training Day...that movie was really something.

I can't thik of anything I didn't feel very inspired or loved watching him in...from St. Elsewhere to Man On Fire, The Preachers Wife and Mo Better Blues. I just loved him in Mo Better Blues.

But Malcolm x...when he and Spike Lee are jutting across the street in those zoot suits is a moment that gave me chills and the whole performance got even better as the movie progressed!

The Rock Chick said...

This is a toughie, but I think I'm going with Training Day!

Malcolm said...

Pjazzy: I still say that Denzel was robbed when he lost the Oscar to Pacino that year. It was simply a matter of them playing make up because the Academy had never honored Pacino for some of the roles for which he should have won.

Lori: I have only seen clips of "Glory", so that's another film I have on my ever-growing list of movies I want to see.

Candy: Before Training Day, I had been telling my best friend for years that Denzel needs to play a flat-out bad guy. He was amazing and totally believable in that role. Your description of one of the scenes in Malcolm X makes me want to go out and buy it. I received the "Spike Lee Joint Collection 5 DVD set for my birthday two years ago... I wish that Malcolm X had been included.

Jessica: I taped Training Day off of a premium channel a few years ago. I haven't watched it in awhile, so I hope I still have that tape somewhere.

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

Sorry, I haven't seen any of these. I don't watch television or movies. Well, not for quite a few years anyway. :)

Karina said...

I haven't seen any of those (except Glory, but I don't remember it all that well), so I couldn't vote...but can I put a vote in against Training Day? I hated that movie! ;-)

k said...

what a great pic of denzel. he always looks good, but that pic especially! love this man!

Kathy said...

Malcolm, I would love to vote in that poll, but I haven't seen those movies! Isn't that terrible?! and Washington is such a great actor! I think he acts all parts well (at least the one's I HAVE seen!) American Gangster looks like another winner, but I have to say the most interesting role I saw him play was in "Man on Fire."
Thanks for stopping by my site; you've gotten a new blog look since the last time I visited you--it looks good!
P.S. Three cheers for TCM!

Malcolm said...

Sandee: If you ever decide to start watching TV/movies again, I would recommend "Malcolm X" as a good intro to Denzel Washington.

Karina: Wow, hate is a very strong word, lol. Thanks for making me laugh.

K: When I was looking for a pic of Denzel to post, I was hoping to find one that the ladies (as well as any men who swing that way) would appreciate.

Kathy: I have heard that "Man On Fire" is really good. I haven't seen that or many of his other recent films. It's so damn hard to keep up.

I am glad that you like the look of my blog. For awhile last summer, I spent a lot of time tinkering with the layout. I think I may have had the two column format the last time you were here... I'm not sure.

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