Sunday, December 26, 2010

Remembering Some of the Celebs We Lost In 2010

Along with preparing to say hello to a new year, it's also time to pay tribute to those we lost in the world of entertainment this year. Below is a tribute assembled by TCM of film industry people who we said goodbye to in 2010. The montage is set to the tune "Headlights" by Sophie Hunger.


Hugh Jee From Jersey said...

Peter Graves, Barbara Billingsly, and Leslie Nielsen- all in AIRPLANE, and all passed on this year.

It happens in "3's" as they say.

Gloria Stuart- a career that spanned from THE INVISIBLE MAN in the 1930's to TITANIC in the late 1990's.

And I somehow missed the passing of Patricia Neal....a great and somewhat under-appreciated talent.

Thanks for posting, and Happy New Year!

Malcolm said...

Thanks for stopping by Hugh! When Leslie Nielsen died, that's when I realized that he was the 3rd star from "Airplane" to pass away this year. Because the media often loves to conjure up things, I am surprised that we didn't hear anything about a so-called "Airplane curse".

Happy New Year to you as well!

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