Monday, June 20, 2011

Confessions of a Dead Beat Blog Dad/Zooey Deschanel

As of late when it comes to Pop Culture Dish, I've been the proverbial neglectful parent. Due to various other interests which have taken up my time (including writing for a second blog, Diversity Ink), I've paid less and less attention to my first born over the past year and a half. I plan on making a conscious effort to change my ways by devoting more time here at PCD. Although I won't guarantee I'll be writing 4-5 posts a week as I did back in the day, my output here will at least get me off the "deadbeat blog dad" list.

A couple of Saturdays ago, while milling around my apartment, a Cotton commercial featuring Zooey Deschanel came on TV. When I heard her unmistakable singing voice, I quickly ran into the front room to check out the spot. I was like, "Cool, Zooey's in a brand new commercial!" When I looked it up, I was surprised to learn this commercial is from 2009! Where the hell have I been and what have I been doing?! Apparently, not watching channels which aired this spot. In case you've been in the commercial wilderness like me or just want to watch "She", here it is:

Speaking of Zooey, I'm looking forward to her upcoming Fox sitcom titled New Girl (in which she plays Jess Day). I just watched a preview of New Girl on Fox's site and it looks promising. It has similarities to the new ABC sitcom Happy Endings.  Both shows deal with someone picking up the pieces after an embarrassing break-up and are single-camera sitcoms without a laugh track. Even Jess's new apartment is reminiscent of one of the sets used on Happy Endings. Coincidentally, the pilot for New Girl features one of the stars of Happy Endings (Damon Wayans, Jr.). Since the latter has been picked up for a 2nd season, Damon's role on New Girl will be recast.

Any Zooey fans out there? Are you looking forward to her new sitcom?

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