Friday, April 5, 2013

Friday Funday Trivia: 80s Hollywood


Below are 3 montages containing 15 photos of actors/actresses who graced the big screen during the 80s. You have to correctly identify the performer. If you are unable to come up with the performer's name, you can still earn half credit if you can at least identify one of their famous roles. For example, if I posted a photo of John Cusack and you couldn't recall his name, something along the lines of the following would be acceptable:

That's the dude who held the boombox over his head in Say Anything

To enlarge the montages, click on them.  Below the montages are the point values for each photo (40 pts total). Along with the values for each photo, there are 3 bonus questions as well totaling 10 pts.
If you are a Friday Funday Trivia virgin about to be touched for the very first time, please read the following rules before playing:

* The game is pub style so looking up the answers, using friends/family/co-workers, etc. for help,  is not allowed.

If you are the only player to correctly identify a photo/photo set, you earn 5 bonus points. The first player to submit their final answers to me will earn 2 bonus points.

* Please do not post your answers in the comments section. Instead, send them to no later than Sunday night (4/7) at 11:59 PM EST. The answers will be posted on Monday, April 8th.

Not an official rule: If you have no clue, feel free to come up with an intentionally funny answer. Although you won't get credit for a correct answer, you'll get a thumbs up from me for originality, execution, and showmanship. What can I say, I love to be entertained and I'll take it any way I can get it!

Have fun and good luck.


1. 2 pts
2. 2 pts
3. 2 pts
4. 2 pts
5. 2 pts- This actress provided the voice of the female lead in what 1988 live-action/animated blockbuster? 2 pts


6. 3 pts
7. 2 pts
8. 2 pts- Either both of their names or the collective for which they are known is acceptable. What are the titles of the 3 films these actors starred in together during the 1980s? 1 bonus pt each
9. 2 pts
10. 4 pts


11. 3 pts
12. 4 pts
13. 2 pts
14. 2 pts- What are the titles of the 5 films this actor appeared in during the 1980s which were based on fiction books? 1 bonus pt each 
15. 6 pts

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