Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Spin City Playlist For 1/13/07

4pm hour

The Breaks-Kurtis Blow
Head Over Heels- Go-Gos
Nobody's Business- Billy Idol
Looking For Love-Cars
You Belong To Me- Carly Simon
One For the Mockingbird- Cutting Crew
You Dropped the Bomb On Me- Gap Band

Common Thread segment (4 songs about radio):

Happy Radio- Edwin Starr
I Can't Live Without My Radio- LL Cool J
Do You Remember Rock and Roll Radio- Ramones
Life Is A Rock (But the Radio Rolled Me)- Reunion

Touch A Hand, Make A Friend- Staple Singers
He's A Friend- Eddie Kendricks

5pm hour

Panama- Van Halen
Head Above Water- Hall and Oates
Happy- Brick
Bad Girls- Donna Summer
Let Me Tickle Your Fancy- Jermaine Jackson
What's On Your Mind (Pure Energy)- Information Society
Star Love- Cheryl Lynn

Now and Then segment:
Strawberry Fields Forever (from the 2006 CD "Love")- Beatles
The Long and Winding Road- Beatles

Keep On Smiling- Wet Willie
Atomic- Blondie
Funky Nassau- Beginning of the End

6pm hour

The Old Man Down the Road- John Fogerty
Wasted Time- Eagles
Yes I Am-Emotions
She's A Bad Mama Jama- Carl Carlton
Rollin' With Kid and Play- Kid and Play
61 Seconds- Outfield
Thunder and Lightning-Chi Coltrane

The Guilty Pleasure of the Week:
Dance With Me- Orleans

Gangsters of the Groove- Heatwave
Higher Ground- Stevie Wonder
People Who Died- Jim Carroll Band
Running Up That Hill- Kate Bush
Backstrokin'- Fatback Band


Anonymous said...

C'mon, you picked Dance With Me over People Who Died as a guilty pleasure? They're both good ones, but I always fall out laughing when PWD comes on. I sing along with DWM. Yeah, that's cheese.

Your playlists rock. Maybe I'll move to Flint so I can listen.

Xavier said...

Hello Amy,

How can you consider People Who Died a guilty pleasure?! It's funny because right after I played it, a regular listener to the show called to say that PWD is one of his fave songs. I can't help but sing along to DWM... a slice of Velveeta if there ever was one. My favorite line is "I can take you where you want to go". Of course I can't hit those high notes...but that doesn't stop me from trying.


Thanks for propping my blog on yours and for the comments about the playlist. It's nothing if not eclectic.

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