Saturday, January 20, 2007

The View

Since Meredith Viera (the one person on the show that I could stand for any length of time) exited, The View has provided us with some of the funniest moments on TV as of late. I have never been a big fan of The View, nor will I probably ever be. However, thanks to You Tube (a.k.a. video crack), it has become a periodic "guilty pleasure". Here is a brief rundown:

1. Ex-Survivor castmate Elizabeth Hasselbeck having to be calmed down by Baba Wawa during a segment on the Morning After pill. I think Elizabeth needed to take a pill... of the chill variety.

2. Kelly Ripa calling into the show to take on Rosie. During Clay Aiken's guest host appearance on Regis and Kelly, Clay put his hand over Kelly's mouth because he felt she was talking to damned much. Kelly took offense to that, saying she doesn't know where his hand has been. Rosie said that Kelly's comments were homophobic. Kelly dressed Rosie down, saying that her comments to Clay had nothing to do with his sexuality...she just didn't want him putting his hand over her mouth!

3. The ongoing battle between Rosie and Donald Trump. Only Rosie could make me side with somebody like The Donald.


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure that I rooted for either bloated blowhard. I just prayed for a swift and rapid death. Maybe they could pick up chainsaw wielding hitchhiker, sans Bud Lite, apiece.

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