Monday, February 19, 2007

Oops...She's Done It Again

In the latest chapter of one of the biggest falls from grace (both professionally and personally) in recent memory, Britney Spears took a set of shears to her head late Friday night. To paraphrase what Foghorn Leghorn once said to the Dog... Britney, how come ya do what ya do do do?! Is Britney starring in a remake of G.I. Jane? Could it be that she plans to record "Nothing Compares 2 U" and this latest episode is a way for her to channel her inner "Sinead"? Hell, I don't know...Britney may not even know herself.

As I was watching Christina Aguilera's burn up the stage during halftime of the NBA All-Star game Sunday night, the phrase that came to mind was "reversal of fortune". As you may remember, during the 2003 MTV Video Music Awards, Madonna (in a pathetic grasp for attention that the members of the media/public ate up) portrayed a "groom" and kissed her "brides" Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera onstage. Christina was the forgotten one in this bit of three-way foolishness and some experts were questioning her staying power as a result. If you were to bet back then on who would be where career-wise in the next few years, the so-called smart money would have been on Britney. I'll admit it, that's who I would have bet on...silly me.

It's in my nature (as it is with many of us) to make jokes when celebs have public meltdowns such as Britney's. However, the one thing that isn't funny is the fact that there are two very young kids involved in this mess. It's strange how life works. As it stands right now, her 2 kids are probably in better hands with Super Bowl commercial spokesperson K-Fed! Did you ever think that such a thing could be said with a straight face?

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