Monday, February 5, 2007

Super Bowl Sunday

The biggest TV event of the year is without a doubt, the Super Bowl. Besides the little matter of an actual game being played to decide the NFL championship, many people like to discuss the commercials and the halftime show. Here are some of the ads that (good or bad) stood out for me:

1. The K-Fed commercial. When it 1st started, I looked on with skepticism. However, when it turned out that the rap video was all in K-Fed the fast food worker's mind, I laughed out loud. I think that most of us have thought of this guy as a joke. After seeing this commercial, it was cool to see that K-Fed is actually in on the joke.

2. The Snickers ad...Brokeback style. Although I thought it was kinda funny, I also felt that it was pointless. I mean who, after seeing this ad, is going to have an urge to go out and buy a Snickers? Also, when did it become "manly" to rip out your chest hair?

3. The David Letterman/Oprah couch snuggle. This ad was perfect...given Dave and Oprah's history and the fact that he is from Indiana and she lives in Chicago! I never saw this one coming.

4. The Fed Ex commercial with the employees who embodied their names (Eileen, Joy, Harry, Mr. Turkey Neck, etc.).

5. Although I enjoyed all of the Bud Light ads, the one that really stood out was the couple driving down the road at night who come across two hitchhikers who both have Bud Light(along with an ax and a chainsaw, respectively).

The halftime show starring Prince was one of the best and a big improvement over last year's performance by The Stones. Although I am a huge fan of Mick and the boys, their show was way too predictable... open with Start Me Up, do a song from their then new CD, close with (yawn) Satisfaction.

Prince did a nice balance of familiar songs and tunes that you didn't expect to hear (i.e. cover versions of Proud Mary and the Foo Fighters song "Best of You"). Some critics were yapping about Prince, saying that he hasn't been relevant for nearly 20 years. News flash...talent and showmanship are always relevant.

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Anonymous said...

I have my own observations on the Super Bowl over at my place. I'm still giggling today about the CareerBuilder ads, since I was actually asked this morning to volunteer for a training seminar. My boss knew why I was laughing, and we both had a giggle over it.

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