Monday, April 6, 2009

Final Results of the Recent Progressive Poll

In the recent poll in which I asked if you felt the two men in the recent Progressive commercial were gay, a majority of you said yes. As I mentioned in the original poll, I was reluctant to do conduct this poll at first. However, I am glad that I did because everyone took it in the spirit it was intended. The poll also generated some thought-provoking responses from many of you. One question that was raised was whether or not I was referring to the actors playing the characters or the characters themselves (I was referring to the latter). Although I wish that I had been more clear in asking the question, I believe that everyone answered the question the way I intended.

As I stated in the comments section, I have been seeing the commercial more frequently since I posted the poll. This past Thursday night, I saw it while watching an NBA game between the Utah Jazz and the Denver Nuggets. If John Amaechi was watching, I'd love to know what his thoughts were.

Here are the final results:

Yes- 61%
No- 38%

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