Sunday, July 26, 2009

Final Results of the Recent Reader's Choice Poll

In the recent poll where I asked readers to select the movie that I should watch next, Christian Bale's second outing as Batman (The Dark Knight) dusted the competition. This poll was scheduled to close on August 2nd, but I called it early because I didn't see any of the other 4 movies surpassing The Dark Knight in votes.

Here are the final results:

The Dark Knight- 50%
The Lion King- 20%
Men In Black- 11%
The Passion of the Christ and Spiderman- 9% each

Although I enjoy all the polls, this one was especially fun because the outcome will actually lead to something. Look for me to periodically post similar polls in the future.

Within the next week or so, I plan to watch The Dark Knight; I will post my review shortly thereafter.

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