Monday, January 4, 2010

Final Results of the Annoying Celeb Poll

By just a slim margin, former reality star and all around good guy Jon Gosselin was chosen as the celeb people would most want to wish into the cornfield... never to be heard from again. No argument from me. One of my favorite TV moments from 2009 was when Nancy Grace opened up a can on Jon during an installment of the infotainment series The Insider. What would have made this dressing down even better is if Kate Gosselin had been on hand to take her share of Nancy's well aimed jabs.

The criteria I used to come up with the 6 celebs wasn't necessarily based on personal preference. Although I find Carrie Prejean to be a self-righteous hypocrite, I wouldn't banish her to the cornfield. My reasons are purely selfish for not going all "Anthony Fremont" on Ms. Prejean... she's fine as hell! And yes it's true, I will be replacing Jack Black in the upcoming sequel Shallow Hal 2.

I also wouldn't send Kanye West-bound to the cornfield either. As cringe-inducing as Kanye can be, he is talented. Many, including me, would say this sets him apart from the other 5 celebs I selected. Although he was wrong for coming onstage during Taylor Swift's VMA acceptance speech, that incident got blown WAY out of proportion. I have a suspicion that Taylor is glad the incident happened because Kanye's bum rush turned her into America's Sweetheart overnight.

I am surprised that Heidi Montag didn't get more votes. After her godawful plundering of a Yaz classic, I feel she more than earned a one-way ticket to the cornfield.

Here are the final results:

Jon Gosselin- 16 votes
Kate Gosselin and Kanye West- 14 votes each
Spencer Pratt and Carrie Prejean- 6 votes each
Heidi Montag- 5 votes
Other- 3 votes

Receiving dishonorable mention are: Lady Gaga, Adam Lambert, Sarah Palin, Levi Johnston, all of Tiger Woods and his "hoochies" (Lori's words, not mine), The Kardashin crew, Miley Cyrus and Octomom.

Thanks to everyone who took part in the poll. Your input is much appreciated.


Penny said...

haha D Bag...

Malcolm said...

Penny: Is that short for "dimebag"? Just kidding.

Jessica The Rock Chick said...

I didn't vote in time but Jon Gosselin would have been my choice followed by all of Tiger's hoochies as a collective whole.

i beati said...

I'd have to put Kate out there with him..the way she talked to him on the show in front of kids and cameras was emasculating to say the least..

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