Friday, February 25, 2011

Please Take A Moment To Vote In the Current Oscar Poll... Thank You

In addition to the poll, please feel free to take part in the Academy Awards quiz two posts down.

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Hail Obama! said...

Our Wisconsin worker proles in the labor movement are doing a glorious job, with the help of Dear Leaders Organizing for America, of keeping The Party in power through intimidation, death threats, activism, busing proles into protest, free lunches, using the children of our re-education kamps, hitler mustaches, beating drums, raising fists, and causing a great commotion for The Party Elite the people. I will have that new Zil in no time!
However comrades, tomorrow the reactionary teabagger thoughtcrimainals are planning counter protest to our caring, understanding, useful idiots teachers and workers. NOW!!! Is the time for all proles in the vicinity to stand up and be counted I need that new damn Zill dammit so that the workers can finally take over the ant hill for the queen ant get social justice and I can get fanned with exorbitant amounts of cash for helping Pinkie raise awareness The People™ can be enslaved free!

Get on the bus! To The Progressive World of Next Tuesday!

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