Sunday, February 27, 2011

Final Results of the Recent Oscar Poll

With just over 1/3 of the vote, "The King's Speech" was selected as the movie most people think will walk away with the Academy Award for Best Picture.  That's the movie I picked too.  On the other end of the spectrum is the autobiographical adventure film "127 Hours", which didn't receive any votes.  Had he not been so busy with the 7 films he's shooting, the 3 novels he's writing, the scouting work he does for the L.A. Lakers, and the numerous hours he's spending in the lab working on a cure for the common cold, "127 Hours" star James Franco would have put in his vote to prevent it from tossing up a goose egg in the poll.

Here are the final results:

The King's Speech- 34 %
Black Swan- 22%
Inception- 13%
The Social Network- 9%
Toy Story 3- 6%
The Kids Are Alright and True Grit-4% each
The Fighter and Winter's Bone- 2% each
127 Hours- 0%

Thanks for participating... stay tuned for the next poll, which will be up in the near future.

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