Saturday, August 20, 2011

Answer To Friday Funday Trivia: TV Shows Based On Movies

Below the photo montage are the answers to this week's quiz. There were several scores of 8 and 9. However, there was only one player who got all 10. With a couple of good guesses, Rich was able to get a perfect score... congratulations!

Thanks to everyone who played; stay tuned for next week's Friday Funday Trivia!

1. The Odd Couple

2. Clueless

3. Alice

4. Weird Science

5. M*A*S*H

6. Soul Food: The Series- Based on the movie starring Vanessa Williams, Vivica A. Fox, and Nia Long, this award-winning series ran on Showtime from 2000-2004.

7. Gung Ho- Based on the 1986 Ron Howard film, this ABC sitcom ran for 9 episodes during the 1986-1987 season and starred Scott Bakula as Hunt Stevenson (played by Michael Keaton in the movie). Reprising his role from the movie is Gedde Watanabe (aka "Long Duk Dong" from the film "Sixteen Candles"). You can watch the opening credits sequence below.

Best Intentionally Funny Answer of the Week goes to Celina whose response was "Scott Bakula Befriends Nerds"

8. Private Benjamin- This CBS sitcom (based on the hit 1980 movie starring Goldie Hawn) ran from 1981-1983 and featured Lorna Patterson in the title role. Also pictured are Hal Williams and Eileen Brennan (who reprised their roles from the film)

9. Clerks: The Animated Series

10. Baby Boom- Based on the 1987 film, this sitcom ran on NBC from 1988-1989 and starred Kate Jackson as J.C. Wiatt (played by Diane Keaton in the movie). Also in the cast was Joy Behar as nanny Helga Von Haupt.

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