Saturday, August 6, 2011

Answers To Friday Funday Trivia: 80s Sitcoms

Below the photo montage are the answers to this week's quiz. Although there were several good scores, only two players got a perfect score... Rich and Jon. Congratulations on knowing your 80s sitcoms! Thanks to everyone who played; stay tuned for next week's Friday Funday Trivia!

1.  The Facts of Life- 3 pts
2.  A Different World- 3 pts
3.  Mr. Belvedere-3 pts
4.  Kate & Allie- 4 pts
5.  Sledge Hammer!- 6 pts (this satire, whose lead character was a Dirty Harry-like cop, ran on ABC from 1986-1988)
6.  Alf- 3 pts
7.  Amen- 3 pts
8. Webster- 3 pts
9. Square Pegs- 4 pts
10. It Takes Two- 8 pts

This sitcom about a couple (Sam and Molly) trying to balance their careers with home life ran on ABC from 1982-1983. Although it starred veteran performers Richard Crenna, Patty Duke, and Billie Bird, the show is notable today because it featured future stars Anthony Edwards and Helen Hunt as Sam and Molly's teenaged kids Andy and Lisa. Apparently Anthony and Helen formed a familial bond while working on the show because according to, they celebrate every Thanksgiving together. Below is a clip from It Takes Two in which Lisa helps Andy get ready for his audition with the punk rock group the Scumtones!

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