Sunday, February 19, 2012

Answers To Friday Funday Trivia: That 70s Show!!

Before getting to the answers, here are the names of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place finishers this week.

1st place- Teresa: A perfect score of 40 pts... far out Teresa!! Jon also places in 1st because he earned 2 bonus pts for submitting his answers before anyone else... Dy-no-mite!
2nd place- Annie and Rich: 38 pts each. Groovy job guys!
3rd place- Linda: 34 pts. Get down Linda!

Congratulations to those who made it to the shag carpeted podium and thanks to everyone who played.

1. 2 pts-- All In The Family
2. 2 pts-- The Odd Couple
3. 2 pts-- Charlie's Angels
4. 2 pts-- Columbo
5. 2 pts--Wonder Woman


6. 3 pts-- Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman- Starring Louise Lasser and produced by Norman Lear, this soap opera parody (set in the fictional town of Fernwood, OH) ran 5 days a week in late night syndication from Jan 1976 to May 1977. Although Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman had a relatively brief run, it was a cultural phenomenon with Lasser (in her "Mary Hartman" character) appearing on the cover of such magazines as People, Rolling Stone, and Time. After Lasser left the series in 1977, the show continued under the title Forever Fernwood until 1978.

7. 2 pts-- The Mary Tyler Moore Show
8. 2 pts-- The Partridge Family
9. 2 pts-- What's Happening!!
10. 4 pts--Family

11. 3 pts-- The Rockford Files
12. 4 pts-- Nanny and the Professor
13. 2 pts-- Isis- the first weekly American live-action television series whose lead character was a female superhero, this program aired on CBS Saturday mornings from 1975-1977. Below is the open credits sequence:

14. 2 pts-- The Brady Bunch Hour- This comedy/variety series ran on ABC from January to May 1977. A lot of players mistakenly put The Brady Bunch as their answer. However, that answer is incorrect because on The Brady Bunch Hour, Jan Brady was played by Geri Reischl. According to, Eve Plumb (the original Jan) agreed to do the pilot plus 5 episodes of The Brady Bunch Hour. However, the network insisted on a 13 episode contract with a 5 year option and Eve's father wanted her to have only limited involvement.

Below is a clip from an episode of The Brady Bunch Hour. Look for the appearance (at the 3:54 mark) of cast members from another 70s show included in this quiz!

15. 6 pts-- The Girl with Something Extra- This sitcom, which starred Sally Field and John Davidson, ran on NBC from 1973-1974. It focused on a newly married couple (John and Sally Burton) and the misadventures they get into once John discovers that Sally has ESP. Despite airing after Sanford & Son (which was the #3 ranked show on TV), The Girl with Something Extra was canceled due to low ratings. To date, this has been Sally Field's last attempt at a weekly sitcom. 

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