Monday, December 9, 2013

Answers to Friday Funday Trivia: Singers/Rappers in the Movies

Before getting to the answers, here are the names of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place finishers this week. 

1st place- Michelle 55 pts
2nd place- Teresa: 44 pts
3rd place- Beverley: 31 pts 

Congratulations to those who made it to the podium and thanks to everyone who played.

1. 2 pts- Purple Rain (Prince)
2. 2 pts- 8 Mile (Eminem) What is this character's "animalistic" nickname? 3 bonus pts- B-Rabbit/Rabbit
3. 2 pts- The Bodyguard (Whitney Houston)
4. 2 pts- A League of Their Own (Madonna)
5. 2 pts- The Pursuit of Happyness (Will Smith)

6. 3 pts- From Here to Eternity (Frank Sinatra)
7. 2 pts- Friday (Ice Cube) Before getting fired, the character on the right worked for what Atlanta-based company? 3 bonus pts- UPS
8. 2 pts- A Star is Born (Barbra Streisand and Kris Kristofferson)
9. 2 pts- Poetic Justice (Janet Jackson and Tupac Shakur)
10. 4 pts- Charro! (Elvis Presley)- The Best Intentionally Funny Answer of the Week goes to Becky who said, "Outhouse Rock"
11. 3 pts- Burlesque (Christina Aguilera)
12. 4 pts- How I Won the War (John Lennon) This movie is set during which war? 4 bonus pts- WW II
13. 2 pts- The Wiz (Michael Jackson)
14. 2 pts- Bringing Down the House (Queen Latifah)
15. 6 pts- Pressure Point (Bobby Darin)- This 1962 film featured Sidney Poitier as a prison psychiatrist treating a Nazi sympathizer (Darin) during WW II. Michelle was the only player to get this correct

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