Friday, November 7, 2008

Texas Lineman Given the Boot After Racist Remarks About Obama

When will idiots learn that things posted on Facebook have the potential to be seen by millions of people? On Wednesday, Texas Longhorns lineman Buck Burnette was kicked off the team after it was learned that he posted a racist remark about President-Elect Barack Obama on his Facebook page. His Facebook page no longer exists, but according to reports, the posting of the following comment led to his dismissal from the team:

"all the hunters gather up, we have a n----- in the whitehouse"

Note: I didn't type out the offensive word that Burnette put on his Facebook page, but you get the point. After Burnette was bounced from the team, he made the following apology:

Clearly I have made a mistake and apologized for it and will pay for it. I received it as a text message from an acquaintance and immaturely put it up on facebook in the light of the election. Im not racist and apologize for offending you. I grew up on a ranch in a small town where that was a real thing and I need to grow up. I sincerely am sorry for being ignorant in thinking that it would be ok to write that publicly and apologize to you in particular. I have to be more mature than to put the reputation of my team at stake and to spread that kind of hate which I dont even believe in. Once again, I sincerely apologize.

Mmm... yeah. If Burnette had said something in the heat of the moment, I'd be more willing to give him a pass. However, he had plenty of time to ponder whether or not it was a good idea to post this racist remark on his Facebook page. His apology comes off as a weak attempt at damage control. In addition to ending his college football career, Burnette may have also killed any chances he may have had of making it in the NFL.

President-Elect Barack Obama's historic win on Tuesday night (yes all you haters, it was historic whether you want to admit it or not) has many saying that this proves America is not a racist country. Maybe... maybe not. However, the comments by ex-college football player Buck Burnette proves that there are still pockets of racism in this country. Yes, let's celebrate President-Elect Barack Obama's historic victory (there it is again you haters) and work to move The United States in a positive direction, but let's not forget that there are several people in this country who have zero interest in progress.


pjazzypar said...

The only thing that surprises me is that this clown was stupid enough to post it on Facebook. On the other hand, maybe I am not that surprised after all. Don't hate, congratulate and celebrate!

Pop Art Diva! said...

I'm not surprised, Pjazzy, racism is only practiced by stupid people!

JohnH985 said...

I agree with you. It would have been bad enough to say in a heated exchange, but he had plenty of time to think about what he was doing before he put it on facebook. I see Obama's victory as showing that this country is moving beyond racism, but there is still plenty of it out there. I live in a southern state that I think only voted 38% for Obama and I hear the sly innuendos and sometimes not so sly about Obama. It's terrible that people can't get beyond their hate and embrace him as their President. I hope, and think it is very possible, that Obama is one of the best Presidents we ever had.

Jay said...

I'm glad that Mac Brown didn't hesitate a second before kicking the kid off his team. What a freaking moron.

He can apologize all he wants, but I've generally found that what ever people say or do in their immediate reaction to events is their true beliefs.

MsMarvalus said...

Dumb ass...and I'm glad the school and coach took swift action and kicked his ass off the team...there is no place for this.

Tha Connoisseur said...

Summuma Ding Ding - I won't even go there, it doesn't warrant the space. My status on Facebook right now is "why are people so stupid," well this is one answer to my question.

Anonymous said...

Since I'm an Aggie, I hate UT anyway. But, I am proud of Mac Brown for swiftly kicked his butt off the team.

clnmike said...

Dumb ass put it up on Facebook? And there are how many blacks on his team?

The Rock Chick said...

Besides the ignorant remark, the idiot was stupid enough to post it on facebook and "I apologize for being ignorant" doesn't quite cut it. If you know you're ignorant, then you have a responsibility to fix that in my opinion.

Sometimes it amazes me that these dumbasses can remember to breathe.

Malcolm said...

Pjazzy: Me too... surprised, but not surprised.

Pop Art Diva: Good point.

Johnh985: The potential is definitely there for Obama to be one of the best Presidents we've ever had. I just hope he's given a chance to do so.

Jay: I can't remember what I was watching, but I saw an interview with Mack Brown a few weeks ago where he talked about racism. He basically has no time/patience for it.

Ms. Marvulus: I liked the swift manner in which it was handled too. It wasn't any of that, "Oh, we are looking into it" fence-sitting. Get him the hell out of there!

Tha Connoisseur: I like your Facebook status.

Thriving: I'm glad you set me straight because I assumed you were an LSU fan like Chris. This incident proved that Mack Brown doesn't mess around.

Clnmike: Rather than have to face his teammates, Buck is probably glad he got booted off the team.

The Rock Chick: The next story I expect to read about Buck Burnette is that he's in the ICU for holding his breath too long.

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