Sunday, January 4, 2009

Final Results of the Celebrity First-Time Mom Poll

With a margin of only two votes, Halle Berry edged out Jessica Alba in the recent hot first-time celebrity mom poll. Although her former co-star had a fondness for calling things hot, you apparently don't think that Nicole Richie is sending out any heat because she received no votes.

Here are the final results:

Halle Berry- 40%
Jessica Alba- 32%
Christina Aguilera and "Other"- 8%
Minnie Driver, Jennifer Lopez, and Ashlee Simpson- 4% each
Nicole Richie- 0%


clnmike said...

I am tired of Halle Berry there needs to be a new black beauty queen already.

Malcolm said...

Clnmike: What I'm tired of is Hollywood's unwritten rule that there can be only one A-list black actress at a time. There's no good reason that actresses such as Gabrielle Union and Kerry Washington shouldn't be getting top roles too.

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