Friday, January 30, 2009

Old School Fridays: Originals vs. Remakes

Because the original is obscure, many are surprised to learn that one of the biggest songs of the 80s ("Mickey" by Toni Basil) is a remake. First recorded by the British group Racey under the title "Kitty" in 1979, Toni Basil did her take later that year. Until I learned that the original version was by a male group, I always wondered about the line in the song "Any way you wanna do it/I'll take it like a man."

Although Toni recorded "Mickey" in 1979, it didn't become a #1 hit and an anthem for cheerleaders everywhere until 1982. You can hear the original and watch the video of Toni's version in the player below.

This meme was developed by Marvalus View and Ms. Grapevine. The rules are simple:

1. Anyone can participate; any music genre
2. Old School is defined as music created before 1999
3. No offensive words allowed, please use edited radio version
4. Post a video of your favorite Old School song to take us back down memory lane
5. Add your name to the meme list so that others can check you out
6. Have fun & don't forget to leave comments for other participants

If you want to join in on the fun, click here.


Anonymous said...

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pjazzypar said...

I remember you telling me this was a remake, before then I had not idea. Happy OSF!

PopArtDiva said...

I liked this week's theme - it's really great checking out everyone's posts to see where some music actually originated!

I discovered just how many remakes of Helter Skelter are there, which kind of took me by surprise.

Happy OSF, Malcolm.

BookMama said...

Wow, this was strange to hear! My kids recently discovered Mickey on my iPod and have been listening to it non-stop when I let them (by "non-stop" I mean as many times in a row as I let them). LS has a strange look on her face right now because I know she recognizes the song she's hearing and yet, it's not quite right ...

Thanks for sharing!

Tha Connoisseur said...

I remember the first time that I heard the original, I was like - oh it's Toni Basil's song. I couldn't have been so :)

MrsGrapevine said...

I am very surprised. I have heard the original, but I thought it came after Toni's version. Let me tell you, I use to play MICKEY out. I love the video and everything. That was like the best song for a young girl in the 80's.

Kim said...

I've heard the original. This is such a fun song tho. I'm almost tempted to get up and start dancing...

pussreboots said...

That's easy: Night and Day.

Marvalus said...

I never knew this was a!

Regina said...

That one slid by me! I did not know Toni Basil remade it1 I used to love this song!

Malcolm said...

Pjazzy: You might remember that I had it as an entry on a Thursday Thirteen about remakes.

Pop Art Diva: Thanks for stopping by.

Book Mama: I should send send you the Spanish language version of "Mickey" that Toni Basil did. That would really freak LS out.

Pussreboots: I'm glad to see you participated.

Tha C, Marvalus and Regina: I had a similar thought when I heard the original version of the song "Try A Little Tenderness". I was sure that Otis Redding had did it first.

Mrs. Grapevine: That was a smart move for them to do the video with Toni and the others dressed as cheerleaders.

Kim: A couple of years ago I bought a best of CD by the group Racey. They were a fun band; too bad they didn't more airplay in the U.S.

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