Sunday, January 18, 2009

Final Results of the R.E.M. Poll

Although Losing My Religion is not in the corner, it is in the spotlight as it received the most votes in the "Favorite R.E.M. song poll". Understandably, many of you mentioned how hard it was to pick a favorite. Because R.E.M. has such an outstanding body of work, it was hard to narrow down the list of songs to include in the poll. Due to the number of quality R.E.M. songs, this was the first time that the "Other" category received so many votes. Apparently three songs included in the poll (Bang and Blame, Drive and The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonight) aren't as popular as I thought because they each put up a goose egg in the poll.

Here are the final results:

Losing My Religion- 23%
Other- 20% (the songs mentioned by name were: At Your Most Beautiful, Begin the Begin, Crush with Eyeliner, The Great Beyond, Orange Crush and Radio Song)
It's the End of the World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)- 16%
Everybody Hurts, Fall On Me and What's the Frequency, Kenneth?- 13% each
Man On the Moon, The One I Love and Stand!- 10% each
Radio Free Europe and Shiny Happy People- 6% each
Gardening At Night- 3%
Bang and Blame, Drive and The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonight- 0% each

Here is the video for the winning R.E.M. tune, Losing My Religion:


M said...

I HATE that song!

Malcolm said...

M: Hate is such a strong word. I thought that I heard you laughing... I thought that I heard you singing "Losing My Religion".

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