Tuesday, March 24, 2009

DWTS: Week 3

As week 3 of the competition got underway, the injuries continued to mount up (Steve-O and Steve Wozniak were both nursing ailments). The 12 surviving couples had the choice of performing one of two dances (the samba or the foxtrot).

Below is a chronological summary of Monday night's competition:

Denise & Maks (samba)- Denise looked like she was scared to death. 16 out of 30

Chuck & Julianne (foxtrot)- This real-life couple was totally in sync! I don't know if it was a conscious effort, but the decision by Chuck & Julianne to dance to Sugarland's All I Want To Do was a smart move (as some of you may know, Chuck is a country artist). 23 out of 30

Holly & Dmitry (samba)- During the rehearsal footage, Holly admitted to not being a good dancer. Even though she may not be a natural, she is trying. All three judges mentioned that Holly's footwork needs work. Len compared their routine to a match, hot at the top but wooden at the bottom. He was right, because I didn't even notice Holly's footwork. 17 out of 30

Steve-O & Lacey (foxtrot)- This was painful to watch. Not because their routine was horrible, but it was obvious that Steve-O hadn't fully recovered from the back injury he suffered recently. 15 out of 30

Lawrence & Edyta (samba)- For the first time during the competition, Lawrence looked like he was having fun. He's slowly narrowing the gap between him and last year's runner-up (fellow ex- NFLer Warren Sapp). 20 out of 30

Shawn & Mark (foxtrot)- Shawn is such a liar! During rehearsals, she said that there is nothing smooth and elegant about her. She made the foxtrot look effortless as she glided in unison with her partner Mark. 27 out of 30

Gilles & Cheryl (samba)- The best samba of the night! Not only does Gilles have a flair for theatrics, but he has the skills to back it up. 27 out of 30

David & Kym (foxtrot)- David really put himself out there by doing a solo bit (high kicks and all) at the beginning of the dance. 24 out of 30

Steve & Karina (samba)- Even though Steve brings his own brand of entertainment to the competition, for him to survive another week would be a travesty. Props to Steve for getting out there (pulled hamstring and all). But let's face facts... dude just isn't good. 10 out of 30

Melissa & Tony (foxtrot)- Melissa exuded class and her movements were fluid throughout the routine. When judge Carrie Ann Inaba told Melissa that she could tell that the foxtrot came easy to her, Melissa had a "I don't what you're talking about" look on her face. 27 out of 30

Lil' Kim & Derek (samba)- When I found out that Lil' Kim was doing the samba, visions of booty-shaking danced in my head. Even with some very minor mistakes, Lil' Kim's style pulled her through. 25 out of 30

Ty & Chelsie (foxtrot)- I can't even believe this is the same guy who during the first week of the competition lumbered around the dance floor as if he had an ironing board strapped to his back. This was the first time I've seen one of the professionals make a mistake (Chelsie slipped during the routine). However, Ty had her back and didn't miss a step. 23 out of 30

The biggest shock of Tuesday's results show is that Steve Wozniak will have at least another week to make Alvin Ailey, Gower Champion, and Fred Astaire turn in their respective graves.
Even though his samba last night earned the lowest score in the history of DWTS (10 out of 30), the fans votes were enough to keep him from the bottom two. Although it's hard not to appreciate Steve's exuberance, he should have been in the bottom two for the second week in a row.

Since Steve miraculously was voted through, that meant that two other couples would have to face each other in the dance off. This week, it was Holly & Dmitry and Denise & Maks. Both couples did the same dances they performed last night (Holly & Dmitry danced the samba while Denise & Maks performed the foxtrot). They also each improved on their scores from last night (Holly & Dmitry earned 18 out of 30 points, while Denise & Maks scored 20 out of 30).

Sadly, Denise & Maks got the boot.

Although Denise wasn't likely to contend for the crown, she didn't deserve to get bounced this early. I think Denise's ousting may have something to do with the negative press she's gotten recently (the messy divorce from Charlie Sheen and featuring their kids on her reality show, "Denise Richards: It's Complicated"). In a move that was cold or hilarious (depending on your feelings about Denise), Tuesday night's show closed with musical guest Daryl Hall & John Oates performing She's Gone. Earlier in the show, they performed Maneater. Also performing last night was Best New Artist Grammy winner Adele, who sang her hit Chasing Pavements.

Next week, the surviving couples will do either The Argentine Tango or the Lindy Hop. This is the first time that these dances will be featured on DWTS.

Below is Ty and Chelsie's performance of the foxtrot:

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