Friday, July 23, 2010

Please Take A Moment To Vote In the Mel Gibson Poll... Thank You

Update: It appears that the poll problem has been fixed. If you experience any problems voting, please don't hesitate to let me know. Thanks again for your patience.

To say that Mel Gibson has been dogged by controversy over the last several years would be akin to calling The Passion of the Christ a minor box office hit. In July 2010, Gibson has been hit with allegations of domestic abuse, racism, sexism, and outright lunacy (which give a whole new meaning to "Mad Max"). I won't go into all the details because you've more than likely heard the the voicemail recordings by his former girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva.

Because of the allegations against Gibson, many have speculated whether or not his career has been irreparably damaged. While some have said they will never pay to see another Mel Gibson movie, others have stated they can separate his personal life from his professional one. In addition to "Yes" and "No", I've also included an "It depends" option in the poll. As always, I look forward to hearing your thoughts in the comments section.


bridget said...

Mel fell prey to his own PR over the years, I think. Hollywood rotted his brain. Problem is, he has been caught...repeatedly. No doubt many other "stars" are equally as off-the-hook, we just don't know about it. If Mel can come out with something good, like Lethal Weapon or Braveheart ever again, I'd go see it. His personal life is really beside the point to me

Teresa said...

Misogyny = Mel Gibson.
He is a worthless excuse for a man.
Absolutely worthless.
Why anyone would pay to see anything from him after the 2006 anti-semitic rant is beyond me.
Nobody cares about character and integrity anymore. "I just care about his movies."
Well, when you pay to see said movies you are ENDORSING his behavior. Period. No way to spin it otherwise.

Malcolm said...

Bridget: Long time, no hear. If we were to know how off the hook everyone in Hollywood really was, some of us would never go to the movies. I know others who have said the same thing as you (if the Mel Gibson movie was good, they'd make an exception). Although I still wouldn't pay to see it, I can understand how you and others can separate the personal from the professional.

Teresa: As always, I love your passion. Because of Mel's actions, I have no interest in paying to see any movies he makes going forward. Last week, I realized that although I have seen many Mel Gibson movies, I've never watched one at the theater. Imagine that.

Bridget and Teresa: As you may already know, Blogger is having poll issues. As a result, your votes did not get recorded. I'll provide an update ASAP.

Jessica said...

I haven't paid to see one of his movies since he made those antisemitic remarks back in 06. This guy is just ridiculous.

Malcolm said...

Jessica: It's great to hear from you... it seems like it's been awhile!

Ridiculous is right. Can you imagine remarks Mel may have made that didn't get recorded?

To all: As you may know, it appears that Blogger/Google has fixed the poll problem. If you haven't already, please resubmit your vote. If you experience any issues going forward, please let me know.

bridget said...

As Malcolm so astutely pointed out, I'm trying to keep the personal separate from the professional. Entertainment and sports (same thing in my book) are loaded with maladjusted, narcissistic, misogynistic idiots. Integrity and character are largely beside the point. May as well stop buying music, turn off the TV and swear off of magazines because any time ANYONE gives ear or eye to that sphere, tacit "endorsement" is made, like it or not. Ignorance of what these people do or say does NOT change the fact that the public, us, DO give them every means to live in their own surreality. Mel Gibson has the opportunity to just GO AWAY to whatever paranoid little box he chooses to live in. Maybe he'll pull a Riggs on himself and be done with it.

BookMama said...

I voted "no" in your poll, but the truth is, I don't think I've ever paid to see a Mel Gibson - certainly not at the theater. (Oh, maybe the hubby and I rented a few of his movies here and there in the 90s, but that's it.)

Lori said...

Mel is interesting. Seems like, at some point, he would have recognized he had issues and made a few corrections. Instead, it appears he's intent on digging himself a deeper and deeper hole . . . The hubby and I were just discussing if Mel still has a career. I think a number of people are willing to overlook is hateful speech and behavior (like Whoopi) and give him a pass. I doubt if I'll be one of them. For the record, I never really like the movies he did with Danny Glover and I've yet to see "The Passion Of The Christ." (Yeah, I'm strange, like that, LOL)

Pop Art Diva said...

Poor Mel, his anger has gotten the best of him and it's sad to see.

I was a big fan once upon a time but I'm a bit fed up with his acrimonious antics. I can see how he's gotten to the bitter state he appears to be in but I miss the humorous twinkle I used to see in his eyes.

I don't think I'll have to worry about paying for a movie he's in - I think he may have just dug his own has-been hole.

I'm on the "depends" side - it depends on whether or not he can get back his old sense of humor.

Barbara said...

Mel has some very serious problems and I hope he gets the help he needs (he can afford the best treatment available!)

Although I find everything he said disgusting, horrifying and downright scary, I also feel that it was wrong of his gf to publicize it for whatever reason.

Malcolm said...

Bridget: Something else has occurred to me. For those of us who will never pay to see a Mel Gibson movie again, what if Mel co-stars with our favorite actor/actress?

Book Mama: Long time, no hear. :-)

You and I are in the same boat when it comes to our Mel Gibson movie watching experience.

Lori: When Whoopi came to Mel's defense, I was like, WTF?! Apparently, Mel never heard that when you're in a hole, stop digging!

Since I might have told you my movie watching habits of films over the last 10 years, it may come as no surprise that I also haven't seen "Passion of the Christ". :-)

Pop Art Diva: When doing a search for Mel Gibson photos in Google Images, I was reminded of that twinkle you mentioned. Although he may be able to get the twinkle back, winning back fans is a whole other story.

Barbara: As we learn more, it's starting to appear that Oksana (the girlfriend) isn't totally innocent. Based on the timeline of Mel's separation from his wife and when he started seeing Oksana, it appears that Oksana may have contributed to the separation.

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