Saturday, October 8, 2011

Answers to Friday Funday Trivia: Show Biz Kids

Below are the answers to this week's quiz.  After the performer's name is the source of the photo from their childhood career.

With a score of 35 pts, Becky is this week's winner... congratulations on an outstanding job!

Thanks to everyone who played; stay tuned for next week's Friday Funday Trivia!


1. 2 pts. Janet Jackson- As Penny Gordon on Good Times

2. 2 pts. Sarah Jessica Parker- The Broadway production Annie

3. 2 pts. Christopher Walken- Using his real name Ronnie Walken, Christopher was a child actor in the 1950s on such programs as The Colgate Comedy Hour and The Guiding Light

4. 2 pts. Ryan Gosling- He was a cast member of The Mickey Mouse Club from 1993-1994

5. 2 pts. Angelina Jolie- She was 6 yrs old when she made her film debut in the 1982 drama Lookin' to Get Out. No player got this one correct.


6. 6 pts. Elisabeth Moss- Best known for her roles on The West Wing and Mad Men, a pre-teen Elisabeth had a recurring role on the award-winning series Picket Fences. No player got this one correct.

7. 2 pts. Jennifer Connelly- She made her film debut in 1984's Once Upon a Time in America

8. 2 pts. Ryan Reynolds- In 1990, Ryan started his career in the "so bad, it's good" Canadian teen soap Hillside (shown on Nickelodeon in the U.S. as Fifteen)

9. 2 pts. Kurt Russell- From the 1965 episode of Gilligan's Island titled "Gilligan Meets Jungle Boy"

10. 2 pts. Laurence Fishburne- He made his feature film debut in the 1975 drama Cornbread, Earl & Me


11. 2 pts. Christian Bale- From the 1987 Steven Spielberg film Empire of the Sun. The best intentionally funny answer of the week was given by Teresa: Young Robin Hood, at Prep School

12. 2 pts. Ben Affleck- From the 1984 PBS series The Voyage of the Mimi

13. 2 pts. Paula Abdul- In 1978, Paula made her movie debut in the low-budget musical Junior High School

14. 4 pts. Anderson Cooper- As a child model, Anderson appeared in print ads for such companies as Ralph Lauren, Macy's, and Calvin Klein. Celina was the only player to get this one correct.

15. 6 pts. Anthony Kiedis, lead singer of Red Hot Chili Peppers-Using the stage name Cole Dammett, Kiedis landed small roles in movies/TV as a teen (including the 1978 sex comedy Jokes My Folks Never Told Me). Becky was the only player to get this one correct.

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