Thursday, October 27, 2011

Friday Funday Trivia: Location, Location, Location!

This week's quiz features 3 montages containing 15 photos of characters from TV shows. You have to correctly identify the primary location (city/town or in the case of #7, county) where the TV show is set. To enlarge the montages, click on them. Below the montages are the point values for each photo (40 pts total).

If you are a Friday Funday Trivia virgin about to be touched for the very first time, please read the following rules before playing:

* The game is pub style so looking up the answers, using friends/family for help, etc. is not allowed.

* If you are the only player to correctly identify a photo, you earn 5 bonus points. The first player to submit their final answers to me will earn 2 bonus points. 

* Please do not post your answers in the comments section. Instead, send them to no later than Friday night (10/28) at 11:59 PM EST. The answers will be posted on Saturday, Oct. 29th.

Not an official rule: If you have no clue about a photo, feel free to come up with an intentionally funny answer. Although you won't get credit for a correct answer, you'll get a thumbs up from me for originality, execution, and showmanship. What can I say, I love to be entertained and I'll take it any way I can get it!

Have fun and good luck!


1. 2 pts
2. 2 pts
3. 2 pts
4. 2 pts
5. 2 pts (You can earn 4 pts instead of 2 if you spell the name of the town the way the female character in the photo pronounced it)


6. 2 pts
7. 4 pts
8. 2 pts
9. 4 pts
10. 2 pts


11. 2 pts
12. 3 pts
13. 3 pts
14. 2 pts (You can earn 4 pts instead of 2 if you can name the section of the city)
15. 6 pts

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