Monday, September 30, 2013

Answers to Friday Funday Trivia: 15 of the 100 Greatest Songs of the 1980s


Before getting to the answers, here are the names of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place finishers this week. 

1st place- Michelle: 52 pts... impressive job!
2nd place- Rich: 50 pts each
3rd place- Becky: 36  pts 

Here are the top 3 finishers for the September contest:

Michelle: 197 pts
Rich: 186 pts
Teresa: 152 pts

Congratulations to the three of you and thanks to everyone who played. I will announce the prize packages in a separate post later tonight when I get home from work. Thanks for your patience. 


1. 2 pts- Whip It by Devo
2. 2 pts- (You Gotta) Fight for Your Right (To Party!) by The Beastie Boys. If you didn't get the title exactly right, you still got full credit as long as you got "Fight for Your Right" in there. In this video, which one of the band members gets hit in the face with a pie?  3 bonus pts- Adam Yauch (aka MCA)
3. 2 pts- Mickey by Toni Basil
4. 2 pts- Faith by George Michael
5. 2 pts- Addicted to Love by Robert Palmer


6. 3 pts- Our Lips Are Sealed by The Go-Gos
7. 2 pts- In the Air Tonight by Phil Collins This song was featured in the pilot episode of what iconic 80s TV series? 3 bonus pts- Miami Vice
8. 2 pts- How Will I Know by Whitney Houston
9. 2 pts- I Ran (So Far Away) by A Flock of Seagulls
10. 4 pts- Nasty by Janet Jackson (As some of you recalled, Paula Abdul made a cameo appearance in the video)


11. 3 pts- Down Under by Men at Work
12. 4 pts- Don't You Want Me by The Human League (Rich was the only player to get this correct)
13. 2 pts- When Doves Cry by Prince. How many combined weeks did this song spend at #1 on the Billboard Pop and R&B charts? 4 bonus pts- If no one gets this correct, the person or people closest to the right answer will get 2 bonus pts- 13 weeks (5 pop and 8 R&B)
14. 2 pts- Like a Virgin by Madonna
15. 6 pts- I Want to Know What Love Is by Foreigner (Michelle was the only player to get this correct)

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