Sunday, December 30, 2007

Final Results of the Keith Richards Poll

In the recent Keith Richards poll, 76% of you are most surprised that Johnny Depp's onscreen dad is still alive; while 23% of voters were shocked to find out that he is only 64 years old. Since Keith has reached the age of 64, it made me think of a line from a famous song by the Stones' chief rival in the 1960s. Although Keith could probably do without a valentine or birthday greetings... he does want that bottle of wine thank you very much.

I know some of you are probably thankful that this poll is closed so that the ghastly photo of the present day Keith won't appear at the top of the blog anymore. To remind you of what Keith once looked like, below is a clip of him performing with the Rolling Stones during a 1966 appearance on "The Ed Sullivan Show". As an FYI, Keith is to Mick Jagger's left and is wearing a black turtleneck.


X. Dell said...

What's funny is that back in 1967, Mick Jagger, speaking for the whole group, said that the last thing they wanted to do was play "Satisfaction" when they're 60. He and Richards were both over sixty when they played it at the Superbowl.

Pete Townshend wrote "I hope I die before I get old." He didn't get his wish either.

BookMama said...

Wow, they all look so .... healthy in that clip! It's amazing what 40+ years of sex, drugs, and rock n roll will do to you (emphasis on the middle item, of course).

Malcolm said...

X. Dell: I seem to remember reading those comments that Mick said. I think at one time he might have also said that he didn't see himself performing "Satisfaction" at 30 or 40.

BookMama: I thought the same thing the first time I ever saw clips of the 60s era Stones. Now if they had stuck to just the sex and rock n roll, they'd be in a lot better shape. :-)

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