Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Results of Latest "Holiday Shopping" Poll

Receiving slightly over half of the vote, online shopping was selected as the favorite way of buying gifts for the holidays. Since I spent a few years working in retail, shopping online is my preferred method as well. Plus, I like being able to pick out gifts on my PC at 3 am while dressed in a T-shirt and lounge pants.

Coming in 2nd place was the conventional (aka masochistic) method of shopping... going out to the physical stores. As I mentioned, I prefer to do my shopping online. However, there are instances when I have to go out to get what I need. As much as possible, I try to go to the smaller stores or early in the holiday season (preferably on a weekday). I have to admit that the festive mood can sometimes be contagious when shopping at the physical stores.

When I first posted this poll, I only included the online and brick & mortar options. However, since some people have others do their shopping for them, I went back and added this option. One lucky voter is fortunate enough to get somebody else to do their shopping for them. I hope that they reward them well for their services. Since everybody doesn't celebrate the holidays, I decided to make the poll all inclusive and add the fourth option (two voters selected this choice).

Here are the final poll results:

Online- 55%
Brick & Mortar (aka physical stores)- 36%
Since I don't celebrate the holidays, I don't shop- 5%
I let someone else do it for me- 2%

Thanks to all of you who participated!


The Rock Chick said...

I'm still a retail store kinda gal. When I buy something, I want to see it and take it with me. I do shop online when I can't find something, but the store is my preferred method.


Holly Smith said...

Yeah, I think I'm the lucky slacker letting my husband do the shopping. He really likes it! I'm not kidding. He was probably the only man that was gathering ads and coupons on Thanksgiving night...But don't think I'm not grateful! I'm like the man in the stores...nah I don't need to try it on....I'm hungry...can we go now...etc. I did do a lot of on-line shopping.

Malcolm: said...

Jessica: There is something to be said about holding the merchandise in your hands before purchasing it. I know a lot of readers who say this is the reason they like shopping at bookstores instead of online.

Holly: You lucky slacker, you, lol. Well, the both of you are lucky. You have a husband who doesn't mind shopping and he has a wife who doesn't detest sports.

So, are you the lone woman sitting with a group of husbands/boyfriends at the mall who are waiting for their significant others to finish shopping?

Holly Smith said...

LOL..yes that would be me. But, you're right! I should get credit for enjoying sports with him...Which reminds me...this is sort of off the subject, but remember when that dude was giving me a hard time for saying that the Giants were not a good team (when they played Miami in London)? Well Chris just sent me this video clip and we were laughing and saying we should send it to that guy to watch. You have to watch it.

Malcolm: said...

Holly: Yeah, I remember that guy. That clip was pretty funny. The funniest part was when they showed the full body shot of him wearing the striped lounge pants with the flip flops. If you sent this clip to the Giants fan who gave you a hard time, it might be like looking in the mirror for him.

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