Monday, March 3, 2008

Final Results of the Hall and Oates Poll

In a narrow race, 1981's "Private Eyes" received the most votes in the poll asking you to select your favorite #1 pop single by Hall and Oates. As the poll was about to close, it was knotted up three ways between "Rich Girl", "I Can't Go For That (No Can Do)", and "Private Eyes" until yours truly cast his vote. Although "Rich Girl" is right up there, it's the driving beat, Daryl Hall's lead vocal, and those hand claps that caused me to choose "Private Eyes".

Surprisingly, Hall and Oates' biggest pop hit (Maneater) didn't get as much love as I expected. I know that this song spoke to the inner "JessiCat" of at least one voter. If "Maneater" had been involved in a tie for the most votes with "Rich Girl" and "Private Eyes", I probably would have had to get scientific (i.e. flip a coin) in order to break the tie because they were my 3 favorites among the choices.

Here are the final results:

Private Eyes- 25%
Rich Girl and I Can't Go For That (No Can Do)- 22% each
Kiss On My List- 19%
Maneater- 8%
Out of Touch- 2%

Below is the music video for the winning tune. I remember in the Hall and Oates installment of "Behind the Music" the narrator mentioned that they made some awfully cheesy videos back in the early 80s (Daryl and John agreed). Outside of Michael Jackson and maybe a few others, I would say that most music videos back then were covered in Velveeta.


BeckEye said...

Yes!! Friday Nights!

Malcolm said...

Beckeye: Watch out for those "Friday Nights" because they are "watching you, watching you, watching you, watching you ooh..."

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