Thursday, March 20, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #37: 50-Plus and Fabulous

Thirteen Women Who Are 50-plus and Fabulous

In honor of National Women's History Month, I decided to spotlight 13 lovely ladies past the half century mark. One of my favorite lines from the 1950 film "Sunset Blvd." is when Joe Gillis says to Norma Desmond "There's nothing tragic about being fifty. Not unless you're trying to be twenty-five." The baker's dozen of beautiful women below demonstrate that aging can still be done gracefully. Since this is the Thursday Thirteen, the following list of ladies is nowhere near complete. Having said that, feel free to share in the comments section which women you would put on your own list of 50-plus and fabulous.

1. Joan Allen (born in 1956): Actress (Face/Off, Pleasantville, The Notebook)

2. Sonia Braga (born in 1950): Actress (several movies and guest shots on such series as The Cosby Show, Sex and the City, and Ghost Whisperer)

3. Julie Christie (born in 1941): Oscar winning actress for "Darling" and co-star of such films as "Dr. Zhivago", "Shampoo", and "Afterglow"

4. Natalie Cole (born in 1950): Grammy-winning singer and actress ("I'll Fly Away", "Touched By An Angel", "Grey's Anatomy", etc.)

5. Ann Curry (born in 1956): News anchor for Today and host of Dateline NBC

6. Jane Fonda (born in 1937): Oscar-winning actress ("Klute" and "Coming Home"), activist, and author

7. Pam Grier (born in 1949): Blaxploitation film icon ("Sheba Baby", "Foxy Brown", and "Coffy") and co-star of "The L Word"

8. Emmylou Harris (born in 1947): Grammy winning singer/songwriter and guitarist

9. Lena Horne (born in 1917): Award-winning singer and actress ("Stormy Weather", "Cabin In the Sky", "The Wiz")

10. Susan Lucci (born in 1946): Award-winning actress (best known for playing Erica Kane on the ABC soap "All My Children")

11. Nichelle Nichols (born in 1932): Actress best known for her role as Lt. (later Commander) Uhura on the TV series "Star Trek" and its subsequent movie sequels.

12. France Nuyen (born in 1939): Actress ("Star Trek", "Charlie's Angels", and The Joy Luck Club")

13. Nancy Wilson (born in 1937): Award-winning song stylist and actress ("Police Story", "Moesha", and "The Parkers")

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pjazzypar said...

Awesome, this post did wonders for my ego, seeing that I just had my 52nd. They all look very well perserved. I see Susan Lucci daily and she looks amazing. I haven't seen Lena Horne in a while, so I wonder how she is holding up. I also think Phylicia Rashaad looks good for her age.

Jay said...

Great list Malcolm!

My love for Natalie Cole and Emmylou Harris runs very deep. They are both so amazing.

Also Raquel Welch. I've just always thought she was super beautiful.

just jamie said...

Dude, you left out Oprah! Nice tribute Malcolm. I can't believe Ann Curry is 52. That lady has some good genes.

Chelle Y. said...

I hope I look half that great when I am that age!

SJ Reidhead said...

You win the good guy award of the week.

I must tell you though, #12 is mis-identified. It should be Nichelle Nichols. She's a hero of mine.

The Pink Flamingo

Holly Smith said...

Wow, they are all still so gorgeous. Ann Curry is over 50??? I'm shocked!!! I agree with you on all of them. Lena Horne has to be the most amazing, and I think Julie Christie is still smokin...I saw her in "Away From Her" recently. Great pics!

pussreboots said...

Fab list. Happy TT.

Lori said...

I, too, am shocked about Ann Curry. I would have guessed her to be in her 40's. Good for her.

Lilibeth said...

Not very many of those women looked over thirty. It's discouraging. sigh.
I'm over fifty, but I guess I'll have to rely on character.

SandyCarlson said...

All classy, talented ladies, Malcolm. The up and coming girlies could learn a lot from them. I hope they read your blog!

The Gal Herself said...

Ok, so you beat me and got to my blog before I got to yours. I'll get over it because your list was positively INSPIRING to his old, newly 50 gal! PS In answer to the question on my blog -- Sigourney Weaver.

Nicholas said...

I don't know all of them, but they are all lovely. Lena Horne was born during World War One?? I am astonished.

anthonynorth said...

As I'm nearly 53, that was heartening :-)

Sue said...

Wow! They are all so gorgeous :) Great list!

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Totally awesome list, Malcolm. (I'm glad you left Oprah off)

I can't think of any to add... I am lucky I know how old I am, let alone celebrities!

Holly said...

Malcolm - as a woman over 50 - I love you! Any man who can appreciate women who ARE beautiful (I am not going to say STILL beautiful) is a real man in my book!

Happy TT-13



Malcolm said...

Pjazzy: Yeah, The Looch (aka Susan Lucci) still has it. I'll bet that Mario Van Peebles is hoping that the writers hook his character up with Erica. Even though that's a fairly recent pic of Lena I was wondering the same thing as you were about her. Still, I had to include Lena because I consider her the poster goddess for mature women who still look good. In regards to Phylicia Rashad, she was one of the women that almost made this list.

Jay: Thanks! Raquel Welch was another lady that came close to making the cut. I wouldn't be surprised if she could still fit into the two-piece fur bikini that she wore in "One Million Years B.C.".

Just Jamie: Please tell me you are joking about Oprah being left out, lol. If this was the Thursday 1300, she still wouldn't have made the list (she would have came in at # 1307). :-)

I remember the first time I saw Ann Curry back in the early 90s... man! She is one of those women who is hot with short or long hair.

Chelle Y: I am guessing that you have plenty of time before you hit the half century mark. Am I right?

SJ: Thanks for the award. Will you be shipping that Fed Ex or UPS?

As a heads up, #12 isn't mis-identified. #11 is Nichelle Nichols and #12 is France Nuyen.

Holly Smith: I think my girlfriend was telling me how good Julie Christie was in "Away From Her". Anyway, for a soon-to-be 67 year old, she looks fantastic (Julie that is, not my girlfriend).

Lori: I am starting to wonder if Ann Curry has a painting of herself that is aged and decrepit because she herself hasn't changed since the first time I saw her.

Lilibeth: Thanks for visiting and try not to get too discouraged. :-)

Sandy: You are right about the up and comings. I hope that they can resist the temptation not to go overboard with the plastic surgery and go the aging graceful route like their mature counterparts.

The Gal Herself: I am glad that this T13 proved to be an inspiration to you. Also, thanks for answering my question about who you think should play Kinsey Milhone.

Nicholas: When you put Lena Horne's year of birth (during WW II) in that perspective, that makes it all the more amazing.

Anthony: Glad this T13 could be of service.

Susan: Based on what you said about Oprah, you'll probably get a laugh out of how I responded to Just Jamie.

Holly: Thank you! I think it's important to remember that women over 50 still have plenty to offer.

X. Dell said...

I think you managed to get all my favorites here.

Cordia Amant said...

I wasn't even familiar with some of those ladies, but they all look incredible. Goes to show you that you don't have to be young to be beautiful.

BookMama said...

This is a great list, Malcolm!

How about Susan Sarandan, though? I've always thought she was fabulous, ever since I first saw her (to my recollection, at least) in Bull Durham.

Open Grove Claudia said...

I love this list. I saw something similar at MSN and was really bummed at all the little (literally) people.... and no one of color - well Denzel. I'm not saying he's not African American, I'm saying he's frequently the "we need to add some color" person. This is a wonderful list. Look at all those beautiful faces. Not so tiny - I love that you are not threatened by the real! :)

Happy TT. Sorry to ramble.

jehara said...

that's a great list. what a great idea.

Morgan Leigh said...

:) Awesome tt! I love #1, but I didn't know her name until now. :)

Lori's Light Extemporanea said...

Yes, yes indeed! This makes me feel a lot better about turning 40...and a lot worse. Heck, I don't look that good NOW, I hate to think what I'll look like in 10 years. Some of those women, though, I've loved for years and have admired them for years. It's wonderful to see them growing older gracefully.

I don't know how graceful this is, but I saw a mugshot of Dawn Wells (of Gilligan's Island fame) on another blog today. For being 69 AND having her photo taken by a police officer, she looked very good.

Happy TT, Malcolm! I enjoyed this greatly.

marcia said...

Ann Curry looks like a baby doesn't she have beautiful complexion _-good post in 2 years will you add me:)

Tasina said...

Great list dude. So much of beauty is the result of character...and these ladies have it.

Natalie said...

Great list of women! I'd have not ever guessed Ann Curry was 50 or over.

Winter said...

That's a fantastic list! I love Uhuru and Erica! Isn't Geena Davis over 50 now? She looks awesome.

Beth said...

You, my friend, have just been tagged for the Movie Quotes Meme.

Thembi said...

Dihannn Carroll looks amazing. So does Eartha Kitt.

Adelle said...

Fabulous list! I hope I look half as good at 50. Happy T13!

Malcolm said...

X. Dell: I must say that you have great taste.

Cordia: Amen to that.

Book Mama: Susan Sarandon is definitely a member of the 50+ and fabulous club. Although I knew who she was before "Bull Durham", that was the first movie that really made me take notice of her.

Open Grove Claudia: You weren't rambling at all. I agree with you about a lot of lists that add the token black to the mix. It gets very tiresome. In addition to black and white women on my list, I wanted to make sure that Asian and Hispanic women were represented.

Morgan: Not only is Joan Allen (#1 on the list) hot, but she's a damn good actress too.

Lori's Light: I agree with you about Dawn Wells not looking all that bad in her mug shot. Who knew that coconut cream pies could work such wonders.

Marcia: Send me your pic and I will definitely consider putting you on the sequel to this list.

Tasina: Not to get all philosophical,but I think that what's inside a person often has a lot to do with what they look like on the outside.

Natalie: It looks like Ann Curry has been fooling a lot of people.

Winter: Geena Davis is 52 years old and attractive, which means that she is worthy of inclusion on a list like this.

Beth: Thanks for the heads up. I will get to it in a week or so.

Thembi: I can get with you on Diahann Carroll, but I have never been all that big on Eartha Kitt. Btw, it's good to see you around here again.

Adelle: Thanks!

Xakara said...

Those are some geat choices, Nichelle Nichols and Pam Grier being my favorites on the list!


Mrs. Brownstone @ XBOX Wife said...

Ann Curry is 52???? She looks phenomenal. I've always liked her! Wasn't Nichelle Nichols recently in something kind of big? I'm horrible at recalling the names of movies/shows. I think she and Natalie Cole are beautiful, as is Emmylou Harris! Great list!!

Cheerio said...

Excellent! They are all great women in their own rights.

Zenmomma said...

Another great list! I'm 48 now and so appreciate the role models.

Robin said...

What strikes me about all of these women is how comfortable they all seem with who they are. They're not trying to be 25 and it shows.

Gray Matters said...

Great list - beautiful woman. Definitely something to aspire to. I love Emmylou!

Anonymous said...

What gorgeous women! *sigh* I should be so lucky as to look as lovely as these ladies when I'm their age. They are timeless.

Happy TT!

- Renee

Babystepper said...

I've always been very impressed by Ann Curry. Not only her looks, but her dignity and humor as well.

Ashley said...

Great list!

Thanks for stopping by my blog :)


Bethany said...

Nice list! I just watched "Monster In Law" with Jane Fonda in it last night...she's hilarious! :D Happy TT

Candy Minx said...

Hi malcolm, this was a wonderful and inspiring list, thanks! Terrific pics of the women.

I might add Oprah, Lauren Hutton, Elizabeth McGovern, Madonna, Patti LaBelle, Phylicia Rashad...but hey it's a limited list of 13 so what can we do!



Karina said...

Fantastic list Malcolm. I would definitely add Hellen Mirren though, that woman has a killer body and is what...63?

Malcolm said...

Xakara: I have been a fan of Pam Grier ever since I saw "Sheba Baby" as a kid during the 1970s.

Mrs. Brownstone: You are correct about Nichelle Nichols. She has a role on the current NBC series "Heroes". There are often times where I can't recall the name of a movie or something. I found that The Internet Movie Database ( is an awesome resource for assisting me in that regard.

Zen Momma: I think it's commendable that celebs like the ones I listed can stay attractive with little or no surgical assistance.

Robin: It's funny that these women grasp the fact that you don't have to look 25 to feel attractive better than some of their younger counterparts like Nicole Kidman and Lara Flynn Boyle. Maybe it's a case of wisdom coming with age.

Gray Matters: I have raved about Emmylou's beautiful head of white hair for quite some time. She could probably get away with a dye job... but why mess with it?

Renee of Lyrical Press: These women definitely provide younger females something with which to aspire.

Babystepper: I feel the same way about Ann Curry. I would be very disappointed if I found out that she wasn't as genuine as she seems on TV.

Ashley: You're welcome.

Bethany: Although I have never seen "Monster In Law" I did see a scene where Jane has on an all-white jacket/skirt ensemble... very nice indeed!

Candy: This could have easily turned into a Thursday Thirty, lol. Lauren, Patti, and Phylicia definitely belong in the club. Although I had forgotten about Lauren and Patti, I almost included Phylicia on my list.

I hope that Elizabeth McGovern doesn't read your comments and come after you, lol. I just looked up her page on and learned that she will be 47 in July.

Karina: I am glad to see that commenters are getting into this and coming up with some of their choices. I came this close to putting Helen Mirren on my T13. If I ever do a 60-plus and Sexy list, Helen definitely has a spot. Besides her acting, I love that she is proud of her body and doesn't shy away from doing nude scenes.

Anonymous said...

FabU list! I rem. #2 in the Cosby's. they (Cockroach & Theo) called her the DragonLady! They'll all beautiful! I wonder what's their secret besides good genes?
Happy TT!

arlene said...

Super great list! Makes me proud to be a woman!!

FRIGGA said...

I don't know most of those... Oh well - Happy TT :-)

Beth said...

Boy, I needed this post today — I turn 49 in five days.

Calliope said...

I would like to add Elizabeth Sladen to your list (b. 1948). ( She played Sarah Jane Smith on Doctor Who, and now has her own show.

Otherwise, you have chosen well. Happy TT!

Chris said...

Very fun list Malcolm. All of those women are so beautiful regardless of age! Happy TT.

TheVasquez3 said...

"Interesting list. Happy TT"

lol just kidding.

i really love this list...great idea. Ann Curry? really?? wow.

i hope to look that hot when i am in my 50's...hell i would settle for that hot now!

thanks for your comments on my T13post!

Malcolm said...

Wyspy Wysp: I forgot all about the nickname that Theo and Cockroach had for Sonia's character in that "Cosby Show" ep! Thanks for the reminder.

Arlene: Thanks for stopping by.

Beth: One unexpected pleasure of this T13 is that a few ladies such yourself have commented that it provided a good "pick me up". I hope you have yourself an enjoyable birthday.

Calliope: Thanks for sending me the link to Elizabeth Sladen. Although she's worthy of inclusion in the 50-plus and Fabulous club, I can't see myself kicking off any of the ladies I chose to make room for her. A fight might break out or something. :-)

Since I am not a Doctor Who fan, I had no idea about the popularity Ms. Sladen. According to Wikipedia, her leaving the series during the 70s made front page news. Thanks for the info.

Chris: Thank you!

The Vasquez 3: Your opening remarks in reference to generic comments cracked me up. Ann Curry is getting major props by you and other ladies... and rightfully so. I was telling my carpool buddy about this T13 and she was shocked to find out that Ann was in her 50s. She thought she was around 40 at the oldest.
Thanks for stopping by!

Bryan said...

dude, wheres meredith vieira?? seriously.

Malcolm said...

Bryan: In answer to your question regarding where is Meredith Viera, my guess is that she's probably in NYC somewhere. Seriously, Meredith was under strong consideration for making this list. As I mentioned in the intro to this post, this list is nowhere near complete. Because there were so many women who I think are over 50 and fabulous, I will definitely be revisiting this topic again with a completely new list of ladies. As long as Meredith's hotness doesn't have a serious crash and burn, she will probably make the cut.

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