Sunday, March 9, 2008

Final Results of the Sketch Comedy Poll

Ending in a dead heat, "Monty Python's Flying Circus" and "In Living Color" received the most votes in the favorite sketch comedy show poll. Although Monty Python jumped out to an early lead, In Living Color made a late push over the last few days. Even though I realized that my voting shortly before the poll closed might forge a tie, I decided to do so for two reasons. I had to show my love for my favorite show out of the choices (In Living Color) and it would allow me to feature clips of two series with very different approaches to comedy.

Making a stronger than expected showing was "Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In". Although it was cancelled in 1973 and rarely shows up in reruns, "Laugh-In" is one of those shows that is fondly remembered by many who were around when catchphrases such as "Beautiful Downtown Burbank" and "Look That Up In Your Funk & Wagnalls" were part of the everyday language.

Another surprise was the low support for both "Chappelle's Show" and "Mad TV". Usually in these polls it's the newer shows that fare better.

Here are the final results:

In Living Color and Monty Python's Flying Circus- 23% each
Saturday Night Live- 17%
Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In- 12%
The Kids In the Hall- 10%
SCTV- 7%
Chappelle's Show and Mad TV- 2% each

Below is one sketch apiece from both of the winning series:


Candy Minx said...

Well, I might have voted for Chappelles show...I'm a huge fan but we had to make a choice darn it! And only pick one!

Hey, I posted a pic of a Rolling Stone issue from 1997...with Madonna, Tina Turner and Courtney Love on it...with the title "Women of Rock".

Holly Smith said...

Loved the In Living Color Clip...but I didn't watch the other one completely b/c I thought it was be annoying! LOL It's just not my kind of humor....Great poll!
I voted for In Living Color but SNL would have been my second choice.

Malcolm said...

Candy: I can understand how it would be hard to pick just one. "In Living Color", "SCTV", "Mad TV", and "Chappelle's Show" were my favorites on the list.

Holly: I should have specified that there were a total of 8 clips in the player (4 for "In Living Color" and 4 for "Monty Python"). I just updated the post to reflect this fact. All 4 of the "ILC" clips had me laughing my ass off.

I hear you in regards to your feelings about "Monty Python". Although I find some of their stuff fairly good, other sketches did nothing for me. I know that there are Python fans who might gasp in horror, but the famous "Dead Parrot" sketch was OK at best.

pjazzypar said...
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pjazzypar said...

As you know I voted for In Living Color. Of course Saturday Night Live and Mad TV have its moments. I know I am the person in the free world who is not a fan of David Chapelle's, but I just don't find him to be that humorous.

Malcolm said...

Pjazzy: I was surprised to find out that you don't like Dave Chappelle. I'll bet you loved that scene in "The Nutty Professor" when Eddie Murphy laid him out and threw him inside the piano.

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