Monday, October 26, 2009

Final Results of the Twitter Poll

If we are to believe the results of the recent poll, it appears that most who haven't joined the Twitter revolution have zero interest in getting an account. Although I have a Twitter account, I basically use it to pimp my blog posts. You can get the picture of me in a floor-length fur coat, wide brim hat, and Plexiglass platform shoes (with fish swimming in the heels) out of your head! Others commented that their use of Twitter is mainly to promote their blog posts as well.

Based on various surveys, Twitter's retention rate (those who come back the following month) is below 50%. My guess is that Twitter is going to have to add some Facebook-like features (FarmVille anyone?) in order to hold people's interest and to get others to join.

Here are the final poll results:

Poll question: Are you on Twitter?

No- 52%
Yes, but rarely- 16%
Yes and I'm addicted- 13%
Yes, but only sometimes- 13%
No, but I'm thinking about joining- 3%

Thanks to all who participated!

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Penny said...

ha ha..sounds about right :)

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