Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Moolah For Hulu?

It's been reported that Hulu, the awesome (and FREE) online streaming service, may start charging a subscription fee for video content sometime in 2010. Since it's introduction in 2007, Hulu has been a haven for millions of viewers interested in checking out the old (Dragnet, The Big Valley, Doogie Howswer, M.D., etc.), the new (Family Guy, Glee, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, etc.) and much, much more at no cost. What I love about Hulu is that I have the chance to watch old faves that are rarely rerun anymore and catch up on episodes of new series I may have missed. Oh yeah, I also love the fact that it's FREE!

The plan to charge a subscription fee doesn't sound like a good idea to me. Especially when there are other online video services that are free of charge. You know what they say... if it ain't broke, don't fix it pull the rug out from under your customers by sticking them with a fee.

Would you pay for Hulu? If so, how much?

For more on the story, please visit the link below:

Hulu To Charge Subscription Fee


Dave Vacilek said...

I would not be willing to pay. As you said, there are other free options available. I have not had cable TV in over a year but have plenty of entertainment available to me using my broadband internet. I use the Roku Netflix box, an HTPC with Boxee (which has LOTS of old TV shows and internet only programming like Rottentomatoes, Revision 3, etc). There's no lack of stuff to watch in my house and lots of it is in HD!

Jay said...

I guess from a practical standpoint it doesn't make sense as it will simply drive viewers back to the torrents and illegal file sharing and downloading.

But, giving away your product isn't a very good business model either.

I'm kind of torn on the whole thing. I'm trying to come up with a blog post about it. Maybe later this week.

Jessica said...

Boo-I won't pay!

Jessica The Rock Chick said...

I've never used Hulu! My guess is that since I've survived without even looking at it once, it's probably not something I'd pay for ;)

Pop Art Diva said...

I WOULD NOT PAY! The reason Hulu and Fancast rock is because they are a free source.

They already receive revenue from the ads we have to watch - if I have to pay I might as well get RELIABLE service from cable or dish because watching TV online can have buffer issues and slow speeds during peak hours.

Also some of the network shows they provide force you to use their players and not all of them are good.

NOPE - Not worth any money to me.

MrsGrapevine said...

I still don't know what hulu is, I guess it's time to check it out.

Marvalus said...

No way!

I discovered Hulu quite by accident, and I love it! I was waiting for them to start showing True Blood, but I guess that won't happen...HBO has that locked down!

They need to look into other avenues to fund their site, perhaps charging for movies or kicking up the advertising. But once they start charging, I'm out!

BookMama said...

Tim and I love Hulu. (I was thrilled to catch up on Glee for free a few weeks ago!) But, like every other site that has gone from free to some sort of pay option, we'd stop using it. The number of web sites that we pay for online content is ... zero. And it'll stay that way.

Malcolm said...

Dave: I hear you. With so many options available, I don't see why anyone would pay for something they now get for free.

Jay: From what I understand, most of the programming on Hulu is stuff they already own. Hulu is just a different avenue for consumers to watch it.

I see that you wrote something on Hulu... I will be sure to check it out.

Jessica: I heard that!

Jessica the Rock Chick: Yeah... I doubt if a subscription fee will make people who've never used it say, "Ooh, I have to check this Hulu thing out!"

Pop Art Diva: I am thinking the same thing as you regarding the money they make from the ads. They would really have to go above and beyond and offer programming that isn't on DVD or available anywhere else to get me to even consider paying.

Mrs. Grapevine: Heck yeah... check it out while it's free!

Marvalus: I discovered Hulu thanks to an article in Entertainment Weekly in early 2008. Charging for select programming (such as movies) might be an option.

BookMama: If and when Hulu does institute a fee, it would be interesting to see how it affects the usage rates (whether it increases, decreases, or stays the same). Do you know if any of the sites you used that went to a payment option went back to being free?

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