Tuesday, March 9, 2010

CTFD: Lindsay Lohan vs. E-Trade

Don't mess with "The Lohan" unless you want to run the risk of getting slapped with a frivolous lawsuit. Multiple award-winning* actress Lindsay Lohan has filed a $100 million lawsuit claiming a TV ad for the Wall Street firm E-Trade is modeled after her and improperly invoked her “likeness, name, characterization, and personality” without permission, violating her right to privacy. In the commercial, talking babies have a conversation that refers to "milkaholic Lindsay." As everyone knows, Lohan has had her issues with alcohol.

Although Lohan's name was never mentioned, her lawyer argues that "Lindsay" is an equally recognizable moniker for her client — like that of Oprah or Madonna. In addition to the ca$hola, Lohan's legal team is also seeking an injunction to stop future airings.

For one thing, when I hear the name "Lindsay", I don't automatically think of Ms. Lohan ...

Sometimes Olympic Gold Medal skier Lindsey Vonn comes to mind.

At other times, I'm reminded of former "Bionic Woman" Lindsay Wagner.

Hell, sometimes I go into Mayberry mode and think of George "Goober" Lindsey.

Also, the claim that the ad improperly invoked Lohan's “likeness, name, characterization, and personality” is a joke. If the director of the commercial slapped a long, red wig on the infant actress, placed her face down on the floor, and scattered empty baby bottles all around her, Lohan might have a case. As it stands, all this lawsuit is doing is costing Lindsay legal fees and providing material for smart asses like me.

Unless her handlers are "fully loaded", they'd sit Ms. Lohan down, tell her to continue working on getting her shit together, and convince her to drop this silly lawsuit.

* Hey Razzies and Teen Choice Awards count!


Kristi Mantoni said...

I think I was actually STUNNED when I heard this. How big of an ego does that girl have?!?!

Malcolm said...

Kristi: Reading your last sentence made me think of "Match Game"...

Gene Rayburn: Lindsay Lohan's ego is so big

Audience: How big is it?!

Seriously though, she does need to get over herself.

Barbara said...

I was thinking the same thing as Kristi - what an ego. I sure as heck didn't think of her and don't think of her when I hear the name Lindsay. I guess that's the real issue here, she's desperate to get her name back out there.

Malcolm said...

Barbara: This does seem like a desperation move.. for money, attention or both. Ironically, if she was craving attention, she wound up only getting the negative kind because she is rightfully getting raked over the coals for this one.

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