Friday, January 31, 2014

Friday Funday Trivia: 90s Hollywood

This week's quiz features 3 montages of photos of  15 photos of actors/actresses who graced the big screen during the 90s. You have to correctly identify the performer.  If you are unable to come up with the performer's name, you can still earn half credit if you can at least identify one of their famous roles. For example, if I posted a photo of  Uma Thurman and you couldn't recall her name, something along the lines of the following would be acceptable:

She did the twist with Travolta in Pulp Fiction

To enlarge the montages, click on them. Below the montages are the point values for each photo (40 pts total). Along with the values for each photo, there are 3 bonus questions as well totaling 10 pts. 

If you are a Friday Funday Trivia virgin about to be touched for the very first time, please click the Friday Funday Trivia Rules link near the top of the page before playing. 

Have fun and good luck! 

1. 2 pts
2. 2 pts
3. 2 pts
4. 2 pts- In the 1992 erotic thriller which starred this actress, what was her character's profession3 pts
5. 2 pts


6. 3 pts 
7. 2 pts
8. 2 pts- Finish the line uttered by this actor in an early 90s action film primarily set in the sky: "Always bet on __".  3 bonus pts
9. 2 pts
10. 4 pts

11. 3 pts
12. 4 pts
13. 2 pts
14. 2 pts- How many Academy Awards did this performer win in the 1990s? 4 bonus pts
15. 6 pts

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