Monday, September 29, 2008

Damn Amanda! Apparently Allison Isn't the Only One With A Drinking Problem

Former Melrose Place star Heather Locklear was pulled over Saturday afternoon on a DUI charge. For more on the story, click here.


pjazzypar said...

Amanda has been having a bad couple of years. What I can't figure out why these people with all this money don't just call a car when they have been drinking. It really makes no sense to me.

Bryan said...


Anonymous said...

It's hard for me to feel sympathy for any drunk driver, much less one that doesn't even look that bad in her mug shot ;)

The Rock Chick said...

What on earth is wrong with these people? They are saying, though, that it was prescription drugs. Still, even if they were legitimately prescribed, you'd know if you were too loopy to drive.

Hey, maybe she and Richie Sambora can get adjoining cells for their DUI charges and they can make a reality show out of it!

Malcolm said...

Pjazzy: One of her exes (Richie Sambora) did the same thing within the last year. I don't understand it.

Bryan: lol

Thriving Holly: That is probably the best mug shot I've seen.

The Rock Chick: Richie and Heather in a reality show... they are both probably fielding calls from VH-1 and E! right now.

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