Sunday, September 21, 2008

Final Results of the Recent Billboard Top 100 Hits Poll

Proving that there is still a lot of love for the golden oldies, Chubby Checker's 1960 release The Twist emerged as the favorite among the Top 5 songs on Billboard's recent chart of their Top 100 songs from the first 50 years. Coming in 2nd place is 1959's Mack the Knife by Bobby Darin.

Just to reiterate, the list compiled by Billboard of the Hot 100's top 100 songs from the chart's first 50 years (August 1958 through July 2008) isn't meant to represent the best or even the most memorable songs. The songs that made it are simply the ones that were the most successful on the charts. To me, this type of list is less frustrating than those compiled by critics or channels (such as VH-1). At least there is some rationale as to why a song did or didn't make the Billboard Top 100 songs of the first 50 years.

Here are the final poll results:

The Twist by Chubby Checker- 42%
Mack the Knife by Bobby Darin- 32%
Smooth by Santana feat. Rob Thomas- 17%
How Do I Live by LeAnn Rimes and Macarena (Bayside Boys Mix) by Los Del Rio- 3% each

Here is a clip of Chubby performing The Twist on American Bandstand:

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