Friday, September 12, 2008

Old School Fridays: Girl Groups

For this week's OSF I selected a song by The Flirts, a trio that was briefly popular in the early 1980s. Below is the video to their most enduring tune, 1982's "Jukebox (Don't Put Another Dime)". For more information on the group, click here.

This meme was developed by Marvalus View and Ms. Grapevine. The rules are simple:

1. Anyone can participate; any music genre
2. Old School is defined as music created before 1999
3. No offensive words allowed, please use edited radio version
4. Post a video of your favorite Old School song to take us back down memory lane
5. Add your name to the meme list so that others can check you out
6. Have fun & don't forget to leave comments for other participantsIf you want to join in on the fun, click here.


Pop Art Diva! said...

I was a little out of touch with popular music in the eighties - I was into Big Band and Swing so I missed this group completely!

Hearing this music makes me want to do my "Valley Girl Speak" imitation - OMG! For sure, totally, lol

I, of course, went back to the past with The Great Girl Groups of the Sixties

Have a great weekend, Malcolm!


MsMarvalus said...

This takes me right back to high school...oh wait, junior high!

Makes me want to grab some leg warmers...

Editor said...

the FLIRTS....vintage!

Jay said...

Ok, how is it that I don't remember ever hearing of this group. They look like some people I would have liked. LOL

JohnH985 said...

Somehow I've never heard of this group, not even a little bit. Good choice.

Regina said...

Interesting pick! Haven't heard this one in a while! Nice pick!
Have a great weekend!

Malcolm said...

Pop Art Diva: I think that The Flirts might have flown under the radar for even those were into 80s music. Even though the video for "Jukebox (Don't Put Another Dime)" got airplay on MTV, the song didn't even hit the Billboard pop chart.

Ooh... not the Val Speak! I had an ex a couple of years ago who used to do that just to get on my nerves, lol.

Ms. Marvulus: Don't forget the torn sweatshirt (ala Flashdance) to go with those leg warmers.

Editor: I dug a little deep into the archives for this one.

Jay: The Flirts were one of those "blink and you missed 'em" groups. I think the only reason "Jukebox (Don't Put Another Dime)" stuck with me is because I had a niece or a girlfriend (I forget which) who would sing it periodically.

Johnh985: Thanks! Even though the New Wave beat of the song has "early 80s" written all over it, the lyrics are a throwback to the girl group sound of the 60s.

Regina: Thanks! Because people either haven't heard this song in awhile or never heard it at all, I thought it would make a nice choice for OSF.

Candy Minx said...

Yep, classic, what a video. Thos old videos really hit nostalgic for me. There is something great about the low tech feeling of them.

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