Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Dancing With the Stars: Night 2 Recap

Tuesday was night #2 of season 7 of Dancing With the Stars. Here's a brief rundown:

  • The Susan Lucci I saw last night was the one I was expecting to see from the get go. On the first night, "The Looch" was borderline robotic in her effort to be flawless. The second night saw her loosen up a lot and have fun.
  • I missed his performance on Monday night but from the sounds of judges, celebrity chef Rocco DiSpirito did a 180 on Tuesday. I just went to Cyber Crack and watched the clip of Rocco and Karina's Monday performance. I didn't think it was bad enough to rate a 14 score.
  • When British judge Len Goodman criticized Warren Sapp's technique during the quickstep routine, Warren had a "I outta whup yo' tea sipping, crumpet eating ass" look on his face. However, the big man kept his composure and didn’t have a Brett Favre flashback.
  • Cloris Leachman is going home soon and she knows it. That's OK though... the actress formerly known as Phyllis has her Oscar and nine Emmy awards to keep her warm.
  • I'm still waiting for Kim Kardashian to exude more sexiness. Because Kim has the goods physically, watching her dance is frustrating because she isn't letting her hair down figuratively. It's like someone buying a Lamborghini and refusing to drive faster than the speed limit. In the backstage interview after her performance, Kim said that she's really a shy person. Sorry, but if you starred in not only your own sex tape but a reality show too, you have to resign your membership from the Shy Club.
  • Comedian Jeffrey Ross was the first one to be voted off the dancing island. He was a good sport about it and had nothing but praise for his dance partner, Edyta Sliwinska.
Night 3 airs Wednesday night at 8 pm EST.

Below is a clip including a recap of Susan Lucci's opening night performance, her rehearsal footage, pre-taped interviews, and last night's performance:


Jay said...

I like the Lamborghini metaphor for Kim K. And there's no way she's shy! LOL

Also, Toni Braxton!! Oh my! She's just so smoking hot!

Malcolm said...

Jay: When Kim said she was shy I was like, "Don't give me that!" I missed all but the last few minutes of last Wednesday's episode, but it looked like Toni was on the verge of being eliminated. Luckily, she wasn't because I concur with you on her hotness factor.

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