Saturday, October 11, 2008

Happy 60th Birthday To Daryl Hall

On October 11th, one of my favorite vocalists is blowing out the birthday candles... Daryl Hall. One of the things I like about Hall and Oates is that their music has touched on a variety of elements and influences. Along with soul music, they've also delved into such genres as new wave (You Make My Dreams) and arena rock (Head Above Water).

If you're a fan and haven't seen Hall and Oates live, do yourself a favor and check them out. I've seen them 3 times and I have fond memories of each show:

The first time was at Pine Knob in Clarkston, MI in 1996. My best friend and fellow H&O fan Gary (pronounced Jerry) was supposed to go with me. However, he was MIA due to an amorous adventure. As a result, a young lady who I'd been dating for about a month willingly filled in for him. I was pleasantly surprised when Hall & Oates opened with one of my favorite songs, their 1988 hit Everything Your Heart Desires. They also did encores that featured medleys of Sly and the Family Stone's Hot Fun In the Summertime and Billy Paul's Me and Mrs. Jones.

In 1997, I went to see them for a second time at Pine Knob. Between the first and second concerts, I had entered into a serious relationship with the young lady I took to the first one. However, since we had temporarily split up around the time of the second show, my best friend Gary was able to attend. My favorite memory of that show is when Daryl said, "we're gonna do a little adult" before they launched into Adult Education. If this isn't Gary's favorite H&O song, it's near the top of the list. As he sometimes does when he's hyped, Gary did something I call "The Gary Move". While seated, he simultaneously does a forward double fist pump and kicks out one of his legs. My description doesn't quite do it justice.

My 3rd Hall and Oates show was in 2005 at the Clio Amphitheater. About a year or so earlier, one of my older brothers (Eddie) was interested in checking out more from Hall and Oates. Although he was acquainted with a few of their songs, he wanted to get a bigger picture. I put together a CD for him and he was sold. A line he often quotes is from Maneater ("Ooh she's sitting with you but her eyes are on the door"). When I told him that Hall and Oates still tour regularly, he said he'd be interested in going the next time they came to our area. The concert was originally going to be on July 8th, but had to be rescheduled for August 9th (Hall was recovering from a bout with Lyme Disease). Along with many of their hits, Hall and Oates also performed such songs as The Spinners' I'll Be Around (which was included on their then new CD Our Kind of Soul).

Here are five of my favorite songs featuring Daryl Hall. All are Hall & Oates tunes except where noted.

1. Private Eyes
2. Back Together Again
3. Do What You Want, Be What You Are
4. Someone Like You (solo)
5. Some Men

Since I couldn't stop there, here are 5 more:

6. Rich Girl
7. You Make My Dreams
8. A Promise Ain't Enough
9. Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid
10. Maneater

Feel free to list some of your favorite songs featuring Daryl Hall in the comments section.

Below is the video for the song Someone Like You. It's from Daryl's 2nd solo album, 1986's Three Hearts In the Happy Ending Machine.


pjazzypar said...

I love their stuff but my absolute favorite is "Sara Smile"

Anonymous said...

I'm with pjazzypar, I like Sara Smile. But, Rich Girl is my second favorite Hall and Oates song. I really didn't know their music until after I got married - Chris is a big fan.

Barbara(aka Layla) said...

Dang it, how did I miss my ex-bf's birthday! I love, love, LOVE Daryl. Front row...yes...memories.

Anonymous said...

Someone Like You is one of the greatest breakup songs ever. I have a mix CD titled Broken Heart Cuts, and this one kicks it right off. (Yeah, Hope I Never is another track on that one too, Malcolm!)

I LOVE Hall and Oates, and yeah, Darryl Hall is beyond hott.

Kristi Mantoni said...

60!! WOW! No wonder I like older men!!

Did you see the SNL Thursday special? I loved the Hall & Oates segment!

Lori said...

Chalk up another for "Sara Smile."
From your lists, nods also go to "Man-Eater," "Rich Girl," and "Do What You Want."

Oh, not that you asked, but I used to have a semi-serious crush on Oates (LOL), even though he doesn't look like he's much taller than 5'2. (Yeah, I hate that about Prince too, but his prettiness makes up for it). And I so hate that Oates shaved off the mustache.

The Mistress of the Dark said...

Sara Smile and Maneater are my favorites :)

Jenny McB said...

I saw them in the Boston Garden in 1985 and woke up in the middle of the night thinking that the fire alarm was going off! My ears were still ringing from the concert, what a great show.

BeckEye said...

Happy birthday, Sir Holland Oates.

Malcolm said...

Pjazzy: Whenever I think of "Sara Smile", I am reminded of this ass clown DJ that used to spin at this club in Flint. At the end of the night, he would play some belly rubbing music and almost always close with "Let's Get It On" by Marvin Gaye. One night I asked him to play "Sara Smile" and he gave me a bullshit excuse saying that most people wouldn't be familiar with it! Lying ass, because he played it for me a few weeks before when I requested it.

Thriving Holly: I don't know if you ever heard Hall and Oates do "Rich Girl" live, but it's sharp. It starts out slow, with Daryl singing the chorus and playing the piano. Then that guitar lick kicks in and the whole band gets to cooking.

Barbara: I think Daryl will forgive you forgetting this one birthday. But he ain't gonna go for that again.

Amy: I don't know if you remember, but I had "Three Hearts In the Happy Ending Machine" on tape. I do recall that "Hope I Never" by Split Enz was in your regular rotation during a rough patch. I don't think I ever got that Split Enz tape back from you, but it's all good. :-)

Kristi: No, I missed the Hall and Oates bit on SNL Thursday. However, I just finished watching it on I was cracking up! Thanks for letting me know.

Lori: Props for knowing "Do What You Want, Be What You Are". That's one of Hall and Oates lesser known gems. John Oates and Prince... you like 'em little don't you? :-)

Even though it was hard getting used to seeing him without it, I think Oates did the right thing by getting rid of the porn 'stache.

Mistress of the D: Maneater has one of the baddest bass lines ever!

Jenny McB: Even though I have always hated the Celtics, your story about seeing Hall and Oates at the Garden is pretty cool. :-)

Beckeye: Is it always sunny where you live?

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