Friday, December 5, 2008

Old School Friday: Actors/Actresses Who Can Sing and Vice Versa

For this week's OSF, I chose a single by Ralph Carter (best known for portraying Michael Evans on the 1974-1979 sitcom Good Times). Titled When You're Young and In Love (a song that was a hit in 1967 for the Marvelettes), Ralph's version hit the pop/R&B charts (#37 and #95, respectively) in 1975. For his performance of the song on Soul Train (which you can watch below), Ralph demonstrated that he was more than just a "militant midget".


Kim said...

I thought of Ralph too, and then thought, oh no I can't go there. OSF just won't allow it. Thanks for finding this Soul Train clip.

A little off topic, but since this is the Pop Culture may know. There's a group of sisters that performed on Soul Train at least once, and sang a song about not needing someone to take care of them since they had a degree and a bank account...or something along those lines. Since I've heard it, I've been dying to figure out the lyrics and the band. Any help from anyone at all would be well appreciated!

clnmike said...

Oh you pulled a fast one with this pick, lol.

pjazzypar said...

I got this Soul Train clip! He is definitely an actor who sings.

Marvalus said...

Look at Gramps!

This makes me giggle...good pick!

JohnH985 said...

Good choice. I never knew he was a singer too.

PopArtDiva said...

This was a complete surprise to me - I don't remember ever seeing this Soul Train and had no idea that Michael Evans sang.

Though I swear every child/teen actor since the 50s has had at least one attempt at a "hit record".

My OSF post has a few of them from my past that had a respectable "top of the pops" number - simply because of their tv show celebrity, I'm sure.

Regina said...

I had no clue that Ralph Carter could sing, and sing falsetto none the less!!!
Very interesting pick!

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