Monday, December 15, 2008

There's Nothing Lame About His Ducking Skills

Displaying reflexes that could earn him an honorary membership in the TMNT should he choose to take that path after his term ends, President George W. Bush narrowly missed tasting some shoe leather as an Iraqi TV reporter hurled his kicks at him during a news conference on Sunday. I wonder if President Bush is asking himself why can't he be more like Tom Jones. Whereas the "What's New Pussycat" singer gets panties tossed at him, the Prez has to worry about avoiding Florsheims upside the head. I know some of you may be saying that those panties belong to women with AARP cards. But hey... they're still panties!

Below you can watch the shoe throwing incident in real time and in slo-mo. This is one of those clips that will never get old to me. It ranks right up there with former Indianapolis Colts coach Jim Mora's "playoffs" rant back in 2001 as one that will make me laugh every time I see it.


Jessica said...

It looks like he's gotten used to ducking. LOL

Mama Pajama said...

This was so funny...I too was impressed with his ducking skills.

I just heard on the news that bloggers in Iraq joked that the reporter who threw his shoes should go to jail only b/c he missed.

clnmike said...

How in the world did he duck that?

iriegal said...

Dang, I wish he had "DUCKED OUT OF THE WAR" that quickly..

(tongue in cheek)

Malcolm said...

Jessica: Ducking and dodging does seem to be one of his fortes.

Mama PJ: Those Iraqi bloggers are funnier than I gave them credit for... that is, if they were joking.

Clnmike: I'm starting to wonder if W has had practice ducking shoes before.

Iriegal: I'm with you on that wish.

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