Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Retro Mix Playlist For 12/5/08

7 pm hour

Girls Just Want To Have Fun- Cyndi Lauper
Right On- The Rascals
Old Fashioned Love- The Commodores
The Humpty Dance- Digital Underground
Thank You- Dido
Pop Goes the World- Men Without Hats
Hot Line- The Sylvers

With or Without You segment's feat. artist: Gerry Rafferty
Stuck In the Middle With You- Stealer's Wheel
Right Down the Line (solo)

Encore- Cheryl Lynn
Everything About You- Ugly Kid Joe
When It Began- The Replacements
Raise the Roof- Public Enemy

8 pm hour

Hungry Heart- Bruce Springsteen
It's No Crime- Babyface
Medley- Stars On 45
Monkey Wrench- The Foo Fighters
Divine Hammer- The Breeders
Stomp!- The Brothers Johnson

Now & Then segment's feat. artist: Rick Springfield
What's Victoria's Secret? (from his 2008 CD Venus In Overdrive)
I've Done Everything For You (released in 1981)

It Must Be Love- Alton McClain & Destiny
Flashlight- Parliament
Lover Come Back- Dead or Alive
Jeremy- Pearl Jam

Note: On Friday December 12th, The Retro Mix will not air at its regularly scheduled time. It will air 5 hours later from midnight until 2 am.

The Retro Mix Video of the Week: What's Victoria's Secret? by Rick Springfield


pjazzypar said...

Alton McClain and Destiny...Whoa! I have the album and I and had forgotten all about it. Girls Just Want To Have Fun, was one of the first videos that I enjoyed. Great musical memories as always.

BeckEye said...



Maaan, I wore the hell out of that 45 when I was a kid. I used to always do sing and dance to that one on my living room "stage." That's still one of my favorite songs from childhood and no one ever remembers it.

M said...

Ah...brings back memories of middle school dances.

"do the humpty hump, do the humpty hump"

..and the world was nevr the same.

Jessica said...

I LOVE that Ugly Kid Joe song!!! I'm going to have to go download it right now. I had so forgotten about it. :)

Malcolm said...

Pjazzy: I remember that WDZZ played "It Must Be Love" quite a bit. Yet another song that doesn't get as much airplay as it should.

BeckEye: As I said during my show when I "backsold" it, "Hot Line" is one of the best handclapping songs ever! Since it was not only a big hit, but also a quality song, I am surprised that it doesn't get much play these days. Another forgotten song by The Sylvers that I play on the show is "High School Dance". Do you remember that one?

By the way, I had a "stage" too... but it was in my bedroom.

M: "Alright stop whatcha doin' cuz I'm about to ruin the image and the style that you're used to...". Man I love that line!

Jessica: Until the day I played it, I hadn't heard "Everything About You" in years. I had forgotten that I had it. I found it when I went digging through this box of CDs in one of my closets and came across a compilation called "Love Sucks".

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